Thursday, August 4, 2016

DC Universe Classics Artemis (Wonder Woman)

I got this in the mail when RHATO Rebirth came out but I haven't had a chance to talk about it since then. As this was a variant I could only get it without the packaging at a decent price and even that was a struggle. But I figured that if I was going to get it now was the time. Sorry for the pictures, it was the best I could do at the time.

I wanted an Artemis to add to my Outlaw collection and there isn't a big selection to choose from at the moment. This version is pretty awesome although it's Artemis in the Wonder Woman costume when she took over the role. Unlike the Mattel Starfire (the one in the link not in this review) I don't have any real big complaints on this one. I sold that Starfire awhile back but the problems were the sculpting, paint, scale and frailness. Both are cost effective figures that reuse parts from other figures with new bits. Artemis is executed much better since the less detailed body Starfire used was from Harley Quinn while Artemis is mostly Wonder Woman parts.

The boots have the addition of the the sandals of Hermes although the gauntlets of Atlas weren't added. Both were presented to Artemis when she became Wonder Woman since she didn't have the powers Diana had. I don't mind the gauntlets not being present but I'm still impressed that Mattel remembered the sandals. While I don't have the Diana Wonder Woman it does appear that the head sculpts are different which is a must especially with the epic ponytail. Although it is much shorter than it was in the comics but honestly it looks better when it's not long enough to trip over. Artemis also has a side quiver full of arrow which goes with the bow accessory. Like her name implies archery was her thing especially during this time.

There was a brown splotch of paint that's usually used as highlights on top of her ponytail but otherwise the paint looks good. Unlike the newer DC Collectibles I don't have to worry about the joints snapping with Artemis. (*1) Scale-wise this figure works nicely with the new 52 Red Hood, Arsenal and Starfire. Unlike most DC Classics female figures she's portioned better since the tiny hands aren't present. I can honestly say this is my favorite figure that I bought from the DC Universe Classics line.

While this version doesn't quite fit with the team due to the costume I'm still glad I got this figure. It's an excellent addition and is pretty impressive. Mattel can be good and I think this is a prime example of why even with the reused pieces. It's weird to say but in a lot of ways Artemis fairs better than the newer DCC figures since the painting, sculpting, articulation, scale and joints are better than most. I'm hoping the DCC Icons lines will measure up to this is not surpass it if or when they do Outlaws. I'm not too pleased with this Red Hood. There are Bizarro action figures out there but I can wait. I think I'll be sold on the character soon but at the most I have no desire to get one even to add to the team.

*1 This was apparently solved later on although I don't think I have any of those figures so I can't say for sure,

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