Thursday, August 11, 2016

Superwoman #1

It didn't turn up on my pre-order reminder list but it still was paid for and downloaded. Since this is a new series it gets read first.


It starts on the Kent farm (which is for sale) with Lois going to Lana for help with her powers since Clark told her Lana taught him control. Soon Superwoman is saving lives and being trusted by other heroes like Steel. Lex Luthor shows up and fails to impress Lana. She's disgusted that he's taken on the Superman role, doesn't mention Clark dying or pre-Flashpoint Superman. The war ship he has doesn't help her feel anymore confident.Thing go bad for Lex as an unseen villain takes out his suit and the ship. Lois and Lana team up as two different Superwomen to take on the threat together.

They face what looks like a Bizzarro looking Earth 3 Superwoman that apparently kills Lois.

Overall: Outside the Lois Lane one shot and the Lois and Clark series by Jurgens I haven't read much of the lead since the relaunch. Just different appearances outside the Superman titles. At the moment there might be some confusion for new readers as there were (are?) three Lois Lane' s on the main DC world. What appears to be the dead villainous one from Earth 3. Pre-Flashpoint Lois Lane that was in Lois and Clark and is in the current Superman titles. Then there's this Lois of the new 52 world that gained Superman' s powers. I have no idea how the last two will work given the reveals in DC Universe Rebirth.

That makes me less certain how to feel for this book and the current Superman titles in general. I can see the new readers wanting to keep their versions of the characters while long time readers prefer the continuing stories of their versions. I get both sides and at the same time I'm not fond of the multiple versions living on the same planet. This happened A LOT at Marvel and they over did it to the point I got tired of it. (As in different timelines not clones. I'm fond of clones but that's getting off topic.) That said I'm sure there could be a reasonable solution.

I do like Lois going to Lana for help and Lana apparently owning the Kent farm. It speaks of Lana' s importance to Clark and there's a respectfully relationship with Lois. There has been some drama in some incarnations of the characters so it's refreshing to see both women handled with maturity. They still have their issues due to this Lois outing Clark to the world but the fact that their still willing to work together is impressive. I did wonder if Lana got powers since she was hit too so the fact that she does is pretty cool.

I never liked the cliche of them hating each other so having a partnership is awesome. Another bit of realism is Lana having anxiety problems since Clark died. I'm not sure at the moment if I ever read that idea before but it's brilliant. The touch of Clark having it too actually works pretty well when I think about it. For Lana she's lost her whole family and her best friend. Dealing with deaths and having a partnership means she has to trust Lois to look out for her.

It turns out Lois can't keep her promise to Lana as she's apparently killed although she seems to understand something before it happens. Maybe Clark wasn't killed? I did wonder why Lana seemed to be a heavy focus if this was Lois' book although I don't have a clue what this means. Is Lois really dead? I liked the partnership and have no idea what direction this story is going. Right now I don't know how I feel about this issue since I'm still in WTF stage. A mild form I guess since I'm more confused than anything. No idea if I'll continue buying but it was a good read. I just need to let this one sink in to figure out how I feel about it.

Did You Notice? Right away one of my concerns about Lois showing her face is answered as her face is blurred in every shot of her. They really don't get into it much.

The little shout outs like "who's got you?" and Lois reaction to the comment are appreciated.

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