Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I'm not sure I get the complaint

I've been mostly staying away from message boards and the like for awhile. But I recently looked for a few reactions for Rebirth. I came across a complaint I'm not sure I understand.

To paraphrase what it basically boiled down to: "It was way too obvious that Jason Todd wants Batman to be his dad instead of a mentor."

...I'm confused because the basic premise of the Robins is that their Bruce's kids. That's usually been a huge part of the idea. (*1) Out of the first three Robins it's always been especially apparent for Jason (Post-Crisis) as he lacked a good father figure. Either because his dad was usually in jail or another version has Willis being an ass. So Bruce taking him in has always been a big deal for him.

While RHATO makes that relationship apparent it's pretty subtle compared to something like Justice League #19 (which I enjoyed) that literally has Jason voicing his doubts on being a son vs. "just another Robin" to Alfred. I think the closest this volume of RHATO has gotten to stating it has been the Fathers and Sons arc title and Jason starting to say Bruce was the closest thing he had to a father before he stops himself.

Their friction is being explored but I never got the impression that Bruce only sees Jason as a trainee while Jason views him as a parent.

And even if it was obvious why is that a bad thing?

*1 Which was a problem I had with Stephanie Brown being Robin (outside her treatment) since that closeness isn't quite there. Arguable for other interactions they had.


  1. Umm...I would think it pretty obvious that Jason considered Bruce to be a parental figure. Especially because of all the Robins (with the exception of Stephanie) he didn't actually have much of an actual Dad. At least Dick and Tim had good fathers, and Damian is Bruce's actual son.

  2. That's what really confused me. I'd argue that the adoption, becoming Robin, etc. meant more to Jason because of that. He was the worst off and never had a good father or saw his dad much. It's a huge part of their relationship and not having it would doesn't make sense.