Monday, August 29, 2016

RWBY Cinder Theory

Something that came to me today.


I've been skimming possible theories for the show and I've been thinking of the Jaune Arc vs. Cinder Fall one. You know the one that says history will repeat it's self since Jaune is based on Joan of Arc who died by fire. Pyrrha and Cinder had a couple of connections before their fight even took place. Their link to the Fall Maiden and deciding to take fate into their own hands.

Besides Cinder killing Pyrrha what connects her to Jaune?

Then this idea hit me: What if Cinder wasn't taken seriously as a warrior/Huntress?

Hear me out because in a weird way this started to make sense now I thought about it. We don't know much about Cinder but what we do know makes me suspicious. Now when I say Cinder wasn't taken seriously as a warrior I don't mean she wasn't a good fighter, she clearly is in the flashback of her fight with Amber. I'd wage she wasn't in Pyrrha's league but she still has skill. But remember she had Mercury and Emerald doing most of the work against a powerful fighter. 

This made me think: What is Cinder had trouble because she has a low amount of aura?

Most assume her Semblance is fire but that seems to be an ability she got from the Fall Maiden powers. She uses glass but that seems to be Dust related as Ruby even said she doubted that was her true power. 

One of the only things we know about her is Cinder desired power. It only makes sense that someone that lacks actual power would be obsessed with gaining it. Cinder also wanted people to fear her possibly because they didn't respect her.

Cinder Fall: Capable fighter and strategist. Possibly low aura which means she'd have to work harder, gaining power by stealing it from the rightful owner(s).

Jaune Arc: Someone who lacked fighting training who's still learning and working hard to be better. He's a natural leader. High amount of aura that he hasn't unlocked yet.

This makes them have somewhat common ground and has some interesting contrast too. While Jaune and Ruby plan based on what's happening Cinder plots for a long term goal. The only thing she couldn't count on were things she didn't know about. She was able to deduce Pyrrha was the candidate for the Fall Maiden but was completely caught off guard when Ruby had her power activated. The only other thing that she couldn't know about (at least that the viewers know about) is Jaune having a lot of aura and what his Semblance is.

I don't know what is going to happen but I'd love to see what it'd be like for a character in this world that has a low aura and how she adapted.

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