Thursday, September 29, 2016

Aleka and Artemis

I read the new 52 Wonder Woman trades awhile back and I noticed something. It was odd but not only were familiar Amazons missing they were replaced with similar proxy.

For example Queen Hippolyta has had a loyal captain of the guard in Philipus who was noticeably absent. Then there was a woman that looked like Artemis named Aleka, a red headed Amazon with a ponytail that has been set up as a rival for Diana growing up. From what I've seen Aleka has been something of a bully towards Diana and outsiders. While Secret Origins seemed to imply she had feelings towards Diana she is usually quick to call her "clay" knowing it bothered Diana.


Aleka has been drawn as taller and more muscular than Diana but I'm still wondering why she was somewhat similar to Artemis. Was she supposed to be her before the higher ups vetoed it? While DC has kept characters from being used until they decided it was time to use them it seems strange that they'd do this with characters associated with Wonder Woman. Not that I'd want Aleka to have been Artemis, I'm just curious. Smallville had Artemis growing up with Diana like Aleka did. I prefer keeping to the idea of Artemis coming from other Amazons that split off to worship different gods (although a lot of the Bana Mighdall origins needs to be worked on.)


It seems that Aleka is a rival based on disagreements, hurt feelings and a few petty reasons. The original Artemis was a blunt person that wasn't fond of the way Hippolyta was treating her people and wanted to prove the Bana Mighdall were equals. The new origin has Artemis being assured her whole life that she would lead her people then apparently had the rug pulled out from under her when Diana was chosen over her. It's more understandable and while she might not see Jason as being on her level Artemis at least hears him out. Aleka on the other hand is much more hostile to outsiders.

I'd like to see Aleka change her hair style now that Artemis is back in the DCU. It might even be amusing to see the two fight each other. I never warmed up to Aleka so I'm glad Artemis has returned.

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