Thursday, September 22, 2016

King writing Jason in Batman

I heard that he stated this recently. I'm not a fan of what I've read of his work and I don't think he grasps the character. Ignoring all that this does raise a couple questions.

  1. How can Jason interact with Bruce? Jason is trying to work deep undercover and Lobdell has stated that will keep them apart. Didn't King and Seeley get miffed when Dick started showing up in other titles while he was deep undercover ?
  2. The topic of Tim's it going to be revealed there? Because King really didn't seem to get how close Jason and Tim had become. I'm more than little worried how OOC he'll write it. Plus I feel it's a story beat that Lobdell should handle. Not just because he's writing Jason's book but he built up the bond with Tim. 


  1. Yeah, as soon as I saw his tweet I couldn't help but groan in exasperation. Not only the timing is horrible the excuse to use Jason is very weak. I mean, why the hell is Jason on Santa Prisca?

    Preview for the first issue on the Bane arc is also out and King is also butchering Bane's character. So yeah, I'm honestly pissed off at this development.

  2. Does anyone keep in contact with anyone at DC? I keep hearing that bat books don't mesh with each other's Canon.

    A lot of the current bat writers are bad at writing established characters. Which is a big reason for me not buying books. Although from what I've been hearing this is a Marvel problem too.