Thursday, September 15, 2016

What's going on in Bat books?

Based on what I've heard and my stance on message boards.

All Star Batman: There was some falling out with Damian and Bruce decided to focus on Duke instead?

DET: Tim and Stephanie just start sleeping together despite just meeting prior to the current run. Kate's dad Jake Kane lost it and launched killer drones? Tim is presumed dead but was really kidnapped by Rebirth big bad. Just to cause the others grief.

Nightwing: He went undercover again to deal with the Court of Owls?

I have no idea if Damian has anyone watching him. Frankly I'd be okay with Lois and Clark adopting him once Super Sons starts. Jason is in Gotham infiltrating Black Masks' organization so his contact with the others would be severely limited.

There are a few people I talk to online but I'm not always up to date on things. I do go to news sites but I don't always click on a bunch of stories based on series I don't buy. I decided to mostly stay away from message boards and a good amount of social media. I gave up a few of the sites I loved to avoid the temptation to visit all forums. I used to be a debater when the occasion called for it. If you read any of my essays/metas you know how I wrote. I love focusing on story details. It was fun but eventually the negatives outnumbered the positives. It could be pretty toxic and exhausting to put up with so distancing myself from it was a pretty solid choice.

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