Wednesday, September 21, 2016

October Variants for DC

Some thoughts on a few of the covers.

This just feels awkward to me and it has to do with the posing. I get the idea, everything stops when Lois Lane comes in the room because she's so amazing. Great, that's a concept I can get behind if it's focused on what a force she is. I can't tell what expressions on the co-workers to the right are. The woman seems to be staring off in an odd direction and the guy seems annoyed that he was interrupted. I guess? Jimmy has the weirdest glazed over look while Perry has a "she's wearing THAT?!" expression. Clark is just standing there stiffly in an awkward way like he's afraid to look at Lois.

Doesn't this look like a retro album cover? When I first saw this I was so struck by that thought I didn't know what this was for. I guess this is the new Lantern ring? This is really memorable, in a good way.

Most of them are striking an action pose with Simon still looking like he's taking this job seriously...then we have Guy. This is one of the reasons I love Guy. For this detail alone I adore this cover. BTW is that supposed to be Kyle underneath Jessica? 

I really do love how this cover is laid out it just puzzles me a little. Are Koi the weakness of this Superman or are they flesh eating mutant fish? The terror on his face makes me wonder.

I haven't been paying attention to many current bat book plots. I've seen Duke's costume before when he wasn't wearing it. But I didn't think it looked this silly. The little ears on the helmet play a part and maybe the yellow too. I just don't like this look as it is.

This is an amazing, awesome cover that I just have on here because I love it.

This is the perfect WTF cover for a series that will have Bizarro as part of a team. No one knows that's going on even in the image. I want the story behind this. It has a very Norman Rockwell vibe to it that's oddly fitting.


  1. That Wonder Woman cover is just gorgeous. And the Bizzaro one is a hoot.

    But yes, that picture of Guy is one of the reasons why I love him so. It's just so... Guy.

  2. The WW manages to be beautiful and badass at once. I'm so glad I ordered the variant to get the Bizarro cover because I adore it.

    Guy has a lot of personality and it's always fun to watch.