Monday, September 19, 2016

DC December 2016 Solicits

I don't know why but I'm always excited for solicits and hopeful that Booster will come back in a series. Well maybe the upcoming Rebirth event?


Admittedly the quality of seasonal specials aren't always great but this is another thing I usually get excited about. I feel like I need more information and $9.99 is a little steep for me. Granted I'm mainly intrigued by Dini being part of this. The Eternal writers make me less inclined to try something since I've been burned by them before.


If the surprise guest is Booster I have some questions but maybe it will be Guy? I'm curious to see how this will play out.


She-Borg? Uh, that's an odd name I can't say I'm fond of.


The more I see Cassandra Cain's costume the more I dislike it. I see it and I don't see Cass.


Finally Bludhaven is back! I have no idea why DC was so against having it in the relaunch. This is who Dick Grayson is and making him a spy will never feel right to me. Bludhaven does.


I'm back to wondering if I know what's going on here. The mind control, to the best of my memory, is an old Black Mask thing. Has he been trying to use it on Jason?

I haven't mentioned it before but DCC is really getting pricey with $28.00 a figure. Other than the slight interest in the Holiday special there's not much interest for me to get something new. I do like what I'm seeing with some changes and returns to certain series. I plan on getting Wonder Woman and get back to Gotham Academy at some point.


  1. Well, Guy was Jaime's patron Green Lantern, so I guess it would make sense for him to show up. I would love to have both Guy AND Booster!

  2. Both seem inevitably and I'd be happy in any case. Although there not of chance for Guy to butt heads with Ted which I'd like to see again.

  3. Black Mask having mind control powers is something that Daniels pulled out of his ass during his Detective Run on the N52 and not a really core aspect of the character. Sionis has always been just a crime lord.

    Aside of RHATO, I can't say I'm interested on anything else this month.

  4. I recall seeing scans of that and I think I assumed it was older than it was. It turns out I was thinking of another origin story.

    It does feel like slim pickings for me too.