Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blue Beetle #1

The intro issue to this series started promising so let's hope this keeps up.


Jaime shares a recurring dream he has about Doctor Fate fighting Blue Beetle (as in an actual giant blue beetle.) Ted shows up as a speaker for their school much to Jaime's annoyance. After seeing Ted with a member of the posse they decide to leave without greeting him. Only Ted's assistant Teri Magnus is waiting for them and Jaime goes along for a ride anyway. Investigating some disappearance leads to a fight that pulls Jaime into the shadows. During the battle Ted finally lets Jaime know Dr. Fate is looking for him. The Posse decide to deal with the guy Jaime fights.

Overall: The banter between Jaime and Brenda at the beginning felt like it was trying too hard to be funny. It didn't really succeed because the dialogue didn't feel natural. Which is weird, isn't Giffin known as the dialogue guy? This is the second time in this series I felt put off by awkward interactions. I forgot about the Brenda and Paco "bless you" bit until I read this scene.

Ted can be overbearing and while it's still odd to see Jaime so irritated by him it makes sense. One thing that really bothered me when Ted was dead was how saint like he was written. Even during the Giffin/DeMatteis Booster Gold run when Ted was being an ass he wasn't really called out on it. He has better intentions here but he still puts his interest ahead of what Jaime wants. Another reason for that is presented here with his passion for creativity. Honestly it's a good speech that illustrates why he gets so carried away with things, because everything as a possibility. That's like a playground for Ted.

I do like how the tension is being built up with Jaime questioning who Ted is with and whether he is truly interested in Jaime as a person. The fact that Ted is willing to listen to the Posse since he thinks their powers give them a sense of responsibility was another good insight. Their neither good guys or bad in his book. The banter between Ted and Jaime flows better than the Brenda and Jaime section. Mostly because of Jaime being aggravated by Ted and Ted being so laid back about it all. Jaime isn't as sweet as he was in his original series which is weird but I'm willing to see where this goes.

I like the connections to Ted's past in Charlton too. The Nightshade mention was an unexpected treat. So I looked up Teri Magnus thinking it was someone from the old comics. It's actually a character from Justice League 3000. Isn't that another timeline? What is she doing in this title?

I enjoyed a lot of this although the constant sniping with Jaime does feel off as does the extended teasing. I'm still sticking with this series, it has some problems but nothing that's enough to take away from my enjoyment.

Say What?: "With that nose?" Geez, what's with Jaime being an ass to Brenda? Sure she lets it go but that's a little mean for him even if he's joking. I feel the same way about Brenda commenting on his shirt. I don't remember them being this catty with each other. Brenda and Paco yes, not them. Maybe if the shirt was notable but it's not.

"Can we, maybe, get through a day without the two of you sniping at each other?" Uh you are sniping to Jaime. You literally just joined Brenda in her "do the math" quip.

Jaime brushes off Brenda saying it was ancient Egypt then corrects her by saying he was just seeing pyramids being build. Saying pyramids were being built does suggest ancient Egypt. Yes there are other pyramids but the art supports Egypt.

Brenda says Jaime is the only Blue Beetle she knows of. Later on Ted confirms he was Blue Beetle.

Ted is afraid of Jaime's mom after he tried to out rank her. That's perfect. At least someone can put him in his place.

Did You Notice?: Paco has his arm around a girl. Is she his girlfriend? Dunno, nothing is said about it.

Brenda is missing her red hair.


  1. Giffen is a better plotter than scripter. It's DeMatteis who deserves credit for the JLI and JL3K banter. I've always found Giffen's dialog a little stilted, much like his more avant-guarde panel layouts from the 80s where I always felt like I was missing part of the conversation.

  2. I just remembered one of them was the dialogue guy. Giffin does fare better here then the last couple times I read his solo work. Outside Jaime not being as sweet as he was and the off banter with Brenda I enjoyed this.