Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bruce dines with the boys

From a future issue. I got a lot of questions over this one.


Ignoring the canon questions for now does Bruce own his own bat themed fast food place? He has officially lost the right to ever call Booster out on selling his image. In fact he may of gotten this idea from Booster, it might not be canon anymore but remember Planet Krypton? Also is this Bruce's go to plan whenever Alfred isn't around to cook? We already saw him eating fast food with Jason in his first Rebirth issue.

Damian got a happy meal? Jason is taking the toy? I don't know the context but I can't see Damian caring and if it's a Red Hood Plushie it should be Jason's anyway.

Okay some canon questions this scene raises.

What is the deal with Damian and Bruce? I've heard it said that Snyder had them have an off panel fight that no other comic has acknowledged. Regardless Bruce hasn't been shown as an attentive father yet he's been looking after Duke.

How does any of this work with Damian apparently kidnapping the Teen Titans? Do Dick and Jason know about it?

What about Dick tracking down the Owls? Did he drop that just for this meeting?

Jason is currently working undercover and Lobdell has stated that means he can't easily hang out. While he hasn't shown face while undercover he still shouldn't have time to randomly make an appearance. I don't like how King writes Jason, or any of the bat boys so I'm not too excited about this.

And finally is this after Bruce tells them Tim is dead? Because Jason's smile and their non-bleak expressions make it look like no one cares.


  1. That scene perfectly captures my issues regarding King's handling of Jason. He seems to be unable to give Jason the depth he has on RHATO. For King seems that Jason is only a comedic relief, a stereotypical bad boy.

    Oh, and Duke doesn't deserve to be there.

  2. Unfortunately most of the bat writers don't seem to get Jason and fall into those same annoying pitfalls you mentioned. From what I've read I'd say King has trouble writing the Robins in general.

    I haven't read much of Duke although I can say what I have read with him has been forced.

  3. Tomasi showed certain skill regarding Jason the few times he used it (although he blew it by making Bruce a colossal jerk to Jason) and Higgins brief stint on Eternal was the only time Jason felt like Jason in that train wreck. But yeah, both King and Snyder have a pretty poor handling of the robins.

    Something that brings me to Duke, just like Harper before him, Snyder is pushing him way too much and offering pretty feeble excuses about the lack of Damian. What is more, Duke is still an outsider and yet, King and Snyder continue to write him as someone belonging to Bruce's most intimate circle but without the proper build up to justify that spot.

  4. I don't mean all the bat writers, mostly the Eternal ones. Tomasi can write Jason well he just has a habit of having other characters treat him badly. I will give Snyder credit for writing the happy family dream Bruce had.