Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hamil and Conroy want to do more movies

They mentioned wanting to do Hush and Death in the Family.

I'm split on how to feel about this. On the ones hand I love Hamil and Conroy so more of their talent is always welcomed. On the other...I'm worried about what kind of scripting the movies would have. When Killing Joke was announced I considered getting it at some later point solely because of the Batman and Joker exchanges the two actors would have. Then I heard what they did to Barbara and I lost all interest. A lot can and has been said about that but the bottom line is that I feel it's a pointless change that makes the dynamics too different.

So if they are seriously considering adaptations here's my feelings on them.

Hush. I feel like Hush has been over hyped and I was underwhelmed by the story. A lot of it would be edited out and in this case I think it desperately needs to be. They'd probably want to keep the Superman fight, hopefully the Bruce Selina romance, Joker stuff for Hamil (maybe expanding his role) and need to make Hush more important. The Jason Todd stuff would feel crammed in and given how Loeb referred to him in story it's better that it's left out. As long as they stay focused on the actual plot I think it's more likely that an animated movie can improve this story.

Death of the Family (I meant Death In The Family )however is the one I'm really worried about. Admittedly the story already has problems with the ambassador thing and the way the search for Jason's mom plot was written. The birth certificate being the biggest plot hole since Bruce should have a copy since he adopted Jason. The main concerns I have is how Jason is written. UTRH had to cut that plot so they had Jason follow Joker alone. I really hope they don't do another "Jason challenged Joker" B.S. plot and that they try to make the mom plot work. The only thing that worked in DITF was Jason and his desire for a parental figure. Bruce wasn't doing too good in that arc and Jason was seriously depressed. Jason wasn't an incompetent brat later retcons tried to make him.

So if either of these are made I might wait to get them to see if there's any warnings of changes like there was for Killing Joke.


  1. Um I think that there are two different arcs, the "Death in the family" and "Death of the family", maybe they are thinking of the later one because if they are not then is going to be hard for them because UTRH is very popular.

  2. I know I sometimes write DOTF when I mean DITF. It happens especially when I'm tired after work. Canon changes with the DC movies Jason is in UTRH but they make it sound like Dick and Damian were the only Robins in the newer movies.