Thursday, September 1, 2016

Injustice Robins Spotted

The Injustice video game has a comic series filling in the gaps. Fans have been wanting to see more of the bat family since the game hasn't shown everyone. With the sequel in the works fans are hoping for more characters.

SPOILERS AHEAD for the first game

It's apparently been confirmed that the four male Robins are in this picture.

Well these are color coded although no one has orange in any of the media. My guess?

Red- Damian Wayne. While red is Jason and Tim's color (for Red Robin anyway) this person looks the smallest. Plus his Nightwing costume in the game is red.

Blue- Dick Grayson. Blue is the color he's known for and if that is Damian it would fit.

Green- Tim Drake? Many fans think of green as his color since he had so much green in his Robin costume.

Orange- Jason Todd? Naturally the face is covered by a word bubble. I can't tell if that's hair or cake splatter around the edges. (He should be black hair though.) Since he's pulled back I'd say it was the impact of the cake splatter.

In the first game it was revealed that Damian (now Nightwing) killed Dick Grayson. In the comic it was revealed that this was an accident. Damian struck Dick in a fit of annoyance stunning him and Dick fell onto a rock. Bruce never forgave Damian and Clark raised Damian. I'm hoping that Jason is actually in character if he shows up for the second game.

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