Saturday, September 3, 2016

So my "OMIGOD" moment

No spoilers for what my theory is but I think I might need to explain my thought process. Bear with me as I attempt to go over how I reached my conclusion.

When I wrote that entry I was excited about noticing what could potentially be a huge deal for the series. I think it's possible but I also know that there's still a chance it might not happen. So without telling you what my theory is I'm going to try to explain my reasoning.

The Reason it Might Not Happen: It would require something to be different in canon. I guess this could be built upon to add more depth too. This just might make it a little harder to buy if it remains the same. If I hadn't seen what I think are clues I probably wouldn't have thought of this theory in the first place.

Why it Could Happen: Lobdell is using old canon and seems to be meshing it with his stories. Some things are different and this is his updated take. If he wanted to he could change something. Given the concept of Rebirth it's likely that he could do this.

There's a few things in his Rebirth issues that lead me to believe he's going a certain path. What a writer says and does in a book is important. While rereading them things stuck out like the way something was phrased and a scene playing out a certain way. There was also one detail I thought was awfully specific. Ever heard of Chekhov's Gun? There's different versions of it but basically it's a premise that you don't show or mention something without having it show up later.

There's also some smaller "clues" that don't really mean much unless you're looking at a certain direction. But those three in particular stood out and they all seem to be connected and saying the same thing. I admit that these clues don't have to have a double meaning as all of them could simply be the way Lobdell chooses to tell his story. Even so these examples definitely feel like their setting up something to me.

  • The phrasing used can make sense where it's used but when I thought of it I wondered why it needed to be said. In the context of the scene it works but based on who's talking I wondered why they chose to say it like that. (I don't think I can explain it better without saying the line. If I say the line it will pretty much spoil what my theory is.)
  • I'm not really sure what to say about the scene that plays out a certain way. It's definitely connected to the phrasing. So if you know the line you'd know what I mean.
  • You know how the rule of mysteries is that you should pay attention to details because their mentioned for a reason? It's something that on the surface has a narrative reason to be in there but on the reread I wondered if/when it would come into play. It's specifically mentioned although it hasn't been used per se.

I haven't been good at guessing the meaning of the promotional artwork DC releases like the BE Thankgiving picture but I'm usually good at mystery books and shows. I could be reading too much into it but if not this should be fun. I hope my explanation wasn't too confusing.


  1. Do tell us if future issues continue to support your theory. :)

  2. I will. I'm going to be laughing if it amounts to nothing but it would be awesome if I was on the right track.