Tuesday, January 24, 2017

DC Solicits for April 2017

Nothing new this month just a few things that I was already interested in and a couple details I thought were were worth mentioning.

Written by SCOTT LOBDELL • Art by DEXTER SOY • Cover by NICOLA SCOTT • Variant cover by GUILLEM MARCH
“Who is Artemis?” part one! When Artemis discovers that the Bow of Ra has been used to destroy an entire city, Red Hood and the Outlaws race to Qurac to discover the identity of this barbaric bowman—and who they find is too shocking to believe!
On sale APRIL 12 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+

This is going to sound weird especially given the character. I normally love Nicola Scott's work but I don't really care for this depiction of Artemis she did. The way her hair muffins at the top under the ponytail just bugs me. Plus Mistress (the ax) is WAY too small. I do like the detail on the woman in the background holding the Bow of Ra as the design implies she is from the Bana-Mighdall. The neck piece and style of the chest plate reflect what Artemis previously wore. You can see a star on the head piece so I'm wondering if this is the mother she mentioned or a sister. I'm curious if the Qurac connection--the fact the first RHATO started with rescuing Roy from there--will be mentioned.


If nothing else this cover looks like a lot of fun.

Written by TIM SEELEY • Art and cover by JAVIER FERNANDEZ • Variant cover by IVAN REIS and OCLAIR ALBERT
“Nightwing Must Die” part four! As Dick’s worst nightmares are realized, and the demons of his past come to destroy his loved ones, he must face his own dark reflection. He must face…the Deathwing!
On sale APRIL 19 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Deathwing...I can't believe anyone would want to bring back DEATHWING. The character that was supposed to be Dick Grayson from the future that supposedly had a much younger girlfriend named Mirage. Mirage who used her powers to look like Starfire to sleep with present day Dick then got sexually assaulted by Deathwing who they later retconned into someone else.


Look I know ideas can be re-imagined but this is what anyone that knows of the character is thinking.

I'm disappointed since I've been waiting for more books, certain characters to return and all that. I think I'll have to drop my digital subscription for RHATO once this month comes around since the code will be included in the physical copy. Everything else I'll be getting depends on how much I like those books. I'll be trying Super Sons but I think I'll probably be dropping it due to how Damian is written. I have no idea if I'll enjoy TOOTA.

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