Friday, January 13, 2017

This week is a RWBY WOR

Most Fans: Their giving us another World of Remnant video now?! We left on a cliffhanger! Technically three or four cliffhangers!

Me: It's on the Great War?! Finally!

Don't get me wrong, I want to see what happens to Ruby/Jaune/Qrow, Ren/Nora, Blake/Sun and Weiss. Yang too but her plot isn't dangling like the others. But if we have to have a WOR I'm glad we got one on the Great War. There's only been a few mentions of it thus far. I want to know more especially since there has been some interesting hints.

It was the huge war that all the kingdoms were involved in. Ozpin says creativity, art, etc. were being destroyed which is why people name their children after colors now. I believe it was said to be 80 years ago.

Jaune Arc has a supposedly fameous great great grandfather that fought that 
was considered a hero. The last time the Great War was mentioned was Qrow pointing out knowledge of Salem and co. would lead to another that they would have to fight in.

The green figure in the thumbnail of the RT site might be Ozpin, he has a cane.

Regardless I'm interested and wonder if we're going to get more on Jaune's great great grandfather. What about Faunus? So many questions.

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