Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rebirth Max Lord

Some scans of the latest version of the character.


It seems Max has his origins changed again and doesn't have any of the old charm or compassion. I don't think he has any of his connection to league members either.

Much like JLGL Max has a tragic past losing his dad and a mother that told him to give up his morals. This changes from that retcon as a teen Max found his father shot in the head. Max discovered he was murdered but the people responsible made it look like a suicide. I'm pretty sure his dad's name is changed too which is hysterical because the name Giffin/DeMatteis gave him should be memorable--it's also Maxwell Lord.

Why is Max already in jail and important enough to be seeing the Wall? Yet she didn't know about his powers? No, you don't have someone able to break free of his control. The whole point was that no one could and it will make heroes look weak when they can't. Amanda Waller of all people is willing to let Max go to save two lives? Yeah, I don't think she'd do that.


  1. Awwww... nuts. I hate evil Max. I want old slightly morally dubious, but still mostly a good guy Max!

    Seriously, does anyone like evil Max?

  2. I only liked him as a bad guy when Winicks' wrote him in JLGL. That was because he had layers, he didn't like what he did, was a mastermind and cared about his friends. That Max was a great foil for Booster and was fascinating to read. This version seems to lack all of that.