Sunday, January 15, 2017

RWBY World of Remnant: The Great War

This was awesome and I wish we could have gotten more. Qrow's voice does sound off though.


A lot more makes sense now like war taking away art, etc. This was started to keep down emotions to get the Grimm away from them. That I get but Minstel do sound like asses for doing to same except for the rich. Really everything these two kingdoms did during this time was horrible.

It's easy to see how Salem could manipulate this and I loved the hint of the maidens being involved.

The most interesting parts have to do with the speculation over a few things we got hinted at. There are three subjects that are popular.

The Warrior King being one of Ozpin's past lives. This seems very likely since Ozpin told Oscar he helped build Haven academy. The way he acts by only fighting when there isn't an option sounds like Ozpin. It seems very likely that the king not only used the relics but also the maidens which he'd likely have at that point. Since the WOR videos usually come out around episodes that deal with those topics it feels like the Ozpin/Oscar bit is the only storyline this can easily work with. Ozpin wants Oscar to go to Haven so this seems like a good bet since it also connects to knowledge of the relics.

Did the king use the relics and if so what were they? The king easily won the battle by himself so I'd say he probably used at least one. Qrow mentions a Scepter and a sword. The only other items we see in the silhouette is the cape and the crown. Four possible relics. If they are then maybe the scepter is knowledge, the cape and crown being creation and choice. That would mean the sword is destruction.

Is the sword the same one Jaune has? Is Jaune the great great grandson of the King? Crocea Mors means yellow death which would be appropriate for a sword that took out so many warriors and Grimm. The swords don't look alike although I suppose that could be explained away. The real Crocea Mors was taken during a battle by it wouldn't make sense in this context since I doubt anyone could take that sword away from the king. Thus far Jaune has the only weapon that's old enough to exist in the right era and he mentions his great great grandfather using it in the war. Ozpin has been hinted at helping Jaune get into Beacon. Jaune is the only character that mentions having a line of heroes/warriors going back that far and his high aura has been commented on.

I'm not sold on the idea but any theory that doesn't involve who dates who interests me. If all these theories are true it means Ozpin is techically Jaune's great great grandfather and Jaune has a relic. This does raise more than a few questions. Like why give a valuable sword to an untrained teen? Does it matter if Jaune is royalty if the king decided to leave the throne?

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