Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I really have to kill my curiosity

Because wondering how other fans feel about something or what theories they have only leads to headaches. A.K.A. message boards and the dreaded T. I watch, read, get things I enjoy and it's sad to see people invested in hating something. I drop things that I don't like and enjoy talking about what I love.

A lot of the things I read were just so toxic.


  1. It is a bit bizarre, isn't it, about the way some people just go berserk about things? As you say, read the books you like, and don't read the ones you don't like.

    I suppose I can see a bit of crankiness when a book that one has always loved goes off the rails... which does happen, lord knows. And I have indulged in a bit of ranting myself sometimes, but I hope not to the extent that other readers felt threatened, which sadly can occur!

  2. I mean I can understand hating how your favorite characters are written.But hating characters to the point of obsession and being invested in something you repeated say is poorly written? Why waste your time and/or money?

    Ranting is fine--to a point. We all need to vent or explain why it doesn't work for us. I know I certainly have. Making it an obsession or threatening creators is too much. If I knew about how intense some of this stuff was in some fandoms I never would have gotten invested in the first place.

    This is supposed to be fun.

  3. It IS! It's rather sad that some people can't even enjoy their own hobbies... and worse, make it hard for OTHER people to enjoy theirs.

  4. Yeah,that's the whole point of it. I may hate a character but I do my best to ignore them and don't bother people who enjoy the character. Or go after the creators. It not only aggravates others but I don't imagine it will do the people getting upset any good either.