Thursday, January 12, 2017

Red Hood and the Outlaws #6 Vol. 2

I was kind of worried about this one so I held off. Explanation in the review.


When you hype yourself up you can get disappointed and that's what I was worried about. I'll get to that in more detail after I go over what was in this issue. Anyway Jason figures out how to defeat Black Mask and free Bizarro. Well he figured that out before but this time Artemis is willing to work with him.

Okay I seriously loved that Black Mask got too much of Bizarro's mind to the point he spoke Kryptonian. "The All of One"? Black Mask wants the cure which Jason isn't willing to give it up. Somehow BM knows Jason gave Batman his word he wouldn't kill? I guess he could have figured that out. I'm not surprised Jason didn't cure him both from a writing POV and a character stance. This probably will make him forget Jason's ID too.

Bizarro helps Artemis up after the control is gone and he's just so sweet. I wonder if it's because he's grown to care for her and/or Jason's kindness has rubbed off on him. Sure he has Clark's genes but he probably doesn't have all of his memories.

Happy that things worked out but still annoyed that her own quest isn't going anywhere Artemis wants to continue her search. Jason points out that she could help since they kind of owe her. Bizarro thinks their a team already so he's confused. Artemis agrees although she says their go their separate ways afterwards. Only Bizarro seems to realize that isn't happening. I do feel like this is a little rushed given how Artemis is Artemis but at least she tries to make this a one time thing.

Someone puts together photos and news clippings of the trio (including a picture of an unmasked Jason that was apparently news?) This person seems delighted with the Dark Trinity title.

Batman meets up with Jason at the same point they were years ago overlooking Gotham. I would have thought Bruce would know what happened already but doesn't. He asks if Jason killed and Jason turns that around by saying he did what Batman would do--nothing. I love that Jason makes Bruce laugh because that's what he did in the origin Jason Todd origin. Bruce thinks it's funny that Jason calls his way of doing things law and order.

Bruce reminds Jason why he wanted Jason to be Robin. He didn't want someone who was perfect, he wants someone that always tries their best. Who learns and makes Bruce a better person. I'm glad this was included because Bruce was a jerk when Jason was Robin and this shows he actually sees the goodness in Jason. I saw someone say this arc is about the trio realizing their not the Trinity and I don't think that's quite right except for Bizzaro.

Artemis doesn't want to be Diana although she might want to lead her people. Jason knows he's not Batman, he'd like to make Bruce proud but it's more than that. This is Jason wondering if it okay to be him, what that means and if that's enough. I saw some people concerned about how Batman would react to Jason being around Bizarro and Lobdell handles it maturely by saying he trusts Jason far more than Lex Luthor.

Echoing Batman's words from years ago Jason offers him fast food as he once again sits on the batmobile. Bruce gives his blessing for Jason to be an Outlaw showing he not only trusts him but he also accepts him. This makes me reconsider the scene with Jason eating fast food in the bunker issues ago. He wa  probably eating it thinking of their bonding time and the second might have  been for Bruce. As for Roman well Ma Gunn is taking care of him which is pretty creepy.

This was good I just was expecting more, as I mentioned a few times there were some hints I saw in previous issues. I was so damn excited because this could have been big for Jason and tied the story together so perfectly. I'm not sure how this works in the comic book industry, if I was right about this and write it in detail will it means Scott Lobdell never does the plot? Has it been dropped for good anyway? Sure I could still be of but there were a lot of clues. I don't know but without being too specific what I came up with was that Black Mask wasn't going to be Roman Sionis. This would be in line with the theme of the leads not being the Trinity as he wasn't who he seemed to be either.

This would build Jason his own arch-enemy without taking one from the Batman Gallery. The identity of Black Mask would have been amazing. Now this is all based on these clues I compiled and I don't know how this character would become Black Mask or what happens to Roman in this plot. Without getting too into it there are some telltale signs this story was changed in it's present form.

We never learn how Black Mask knows Jason's ID which is important because BM can't find it in the system but he "always" knew. The line about Jason never wanting to see under the Capullo mask is rendered pointless since he does anyway only to show it's another mask. There's a reason Jason wouldn't want to see it and he's seen the BM mask before so that line doesn't makes sense with Roman. This also makes it creepy that he half undressed Jason and tucked him in. I REALLY wanted the other plot to happen so I'm not feeling this issue as much as the previous ones.

Say What?: Artemis you have no right to judge Jason's plans when you don't listen to them. Remember he had one when you two split up that you didn't care about and only figured out when Bizarro told you he felt BM's control getting worse? That's on you.

Judging by Jason's theory the T.O. virus likely would have messed BM anyway but we can literally say he lost his mind due to being in Bizarro's head.

Jason has a favorite a Gargoyle? That's adorable.

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