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RWBY Thoughts on Volume 4 episode 8

I haven't read any of the hate this episode got (I've seen responds to them though) but I don't need to. Unfortunately I already had an idea how some viewers were going to act. So I need to do a little ranting on that and then talk about how I felt about the episode.


You know I used to like the idea of shipping (i.e. pairing up characters for potential relationships) but I've never been extreme about it. I never hated on the characters or people that thought differently. The idea is supposed to be fun and in general I've never hated pairings on shows unless their abusive/unhealthy. Seeing people get upset about pairings they want over the direction the show seems to be taking is not constructive.

It seems like those viewers (whatever ship this reaction occurs with) are way more invested in that than what's going on it the actual show. In this case THERE IS NO SHIP just a potential build up that's been there since the characters met. And while I did feel uncomfortable it was because of the actions of one of those characters. More below.

In general there's a very toxic reaction some very vocal viewers have about male characters in general on RWBY. If I saw this stuff before I got into the series I would have decided against doing so for the sheer amount of needless hate. Yes the series is about the four female leads but there's also also other characters that fill out the world. People would complain if nothing happened with those characters. Jaune Arc happens to be the main male character because RT have been building up his story since the first volume. Speaking of which vol. 4 is building up things that will follow up in the next volumes. New characters are being introduced, things are being referenced for future stories.

No, there aren't constant fights but why would there be? Most of of the girls are in situations that aren't violent yet. Their with family in supposedly safe locations. Now onto my thoughts on the episode:

  • I loved Blake's moment with her dad, her mom deciding to take advantage of Sun's motor mouth to hear more about RWBY and hearing why Blake feared the worst about coming home. It's weird that she previously called her parents cowards when that's how she thinks of herself.
  • I didn't like seeing Blake slap Sun twice. That was extremely uncomfortable and upset me more than Weiss getting slapped. Now I knew certain viewers would like it or think it was deserved. No, it wasn't. Yes Sun invaded Blake's privacy but he had a damn good reason for it. Would it be okay if the situations were reversed? We know Adam abused Blake and now she's slapping Sun? That's a HUGE warning sign. She knows he only came along to watch her back from the White Fang and she won't even listen when he has proof? Just tosses his property because she's mad? She even runs off despite knowing that's a bad idea. 
  • I don't know how Qrow can turn into a crow and have a bad luck Semblance. But the latter actually makes a lot of sense. That's why he's away all the time. I was thinking about the fight with Winter and he unintentionally caused Ironwood to arrive when they were fighting then used it to make her look bad. His first appearance had the bartender break a glass after he left. Qrow used his bad luck to beat his nieces at video games! That's why he chuckled when Nora said their luck was changing. The waitress that likes him ("lucky you") presumably died since Tyrian found her. It's why he wanted the kids to stay back during the fight. How could he be a long term teacher though?
  • Every one was talking about how Jaune was going to lose it and/or Qrow was going to be an ass based on a preview shot. Honestly I thought Jaune was far more restrained than I would have been. As for Qrow well he was nicer than I was expecting. He's an uncle, he was a teacher and he probably feels bad about Pyrrha dying. These are also the three kids he dismissed (remember his line about Pyrrha carrying them?) They have been fighting a long side Ruby, protecting her, caring for her and being there when no one else would. He probably saw them grieving and knows how hard Jaune is taking.
  • Did Jaune hear her say yes? He was in the doorway and she said it softly. Even still Pyrrha was pressured to make this choice while the school was under attack. How does Qrow know this? Did Jaune tell him? Because he's the only person that left that site that should have this information. 
  • So Qrow NEVER told Ruby about his Semblance? Was that why Tai gave Qrow a dirty look when he waned to talk to her? He thought Qrow would make her worse or blamed her for his girls misfortune? They seem cool outside that moment as Tai has no problem with them seeing him or talking fondly of memories.
  • Crap, I just realized Qrow probably is so gentle with Jaune because he's dealt with grieving people a lot. Notably Tai, but probably Yang too. It's really distressing seeing Jaune this upset.
  • I don't think Ren and Nora could add much to this conversation other than asking a few questions. Nora does freak out about what they can do but Ruby and Jaune have more reason to talk to Qrow. Ruby because of family reasons and Jaune because Qrow is the only adult in the Brotherhood he can question.
  • Ruby is disappointed that Qrow couldn't explain things but still trusts him. I think she just has a lot to sort through. She probably would have felt safer if she known he was around. Not to mention she probably feels guilty for Qrow getting hurt which I suspect she will feel worse about next episode.
  • Really it makes sense for Jaune to be the one asking the most questions. This is the first time he probably had to vent and Ruby doesn't want to question her uncle's actions. Using Ruby as bait makes sense and without having any other information it seems like the most logical reasoning. He's supposed to be thinking up strategies well you can see that line of thinking here. Jaune is bitter that the people he looked up to and even Qrow (was he the one to give Jaune Pyrrha's stuff?) Aren't doing anything or know what to do.
  • I love Qrow mentioning the Great War and how Jaune reacts to the thought of fighting in another. One of the first things we learned about him is that he has a hero in his family (great grandfather I think) that fought in that war. He has to be comparing himself to his family again.
  • I really hope they aren't trying to tie Ruby in o the Maiden stuff. They made sure to go over the rules on "the one in their last thoughts" and Ruby is having Pyrrha dreams. It doesn't make sense though because Pyrrha barely connected with the powers. Cinder had them before Pyrrha died. Wait, does this mean the transfer of personalities would happen regardless of the method used? Does this mean Cinder has Amber bonded to her?
  • Not much can be taken from Qrows' story of the creation of Grimms and mankind. Where does the birthing pits fit in? Not surprised that Salem wasn't addressed properly though it's a little weird that Qrow doesn't know much. There's probably a lot he hasn't told them but I like that Qrow is being honest now. 
  • I'm calling it now by saying that bird he sees isn't Raven. He didn't seem to expect a visit in the inn and why would she be following him? According to Qrow she has no interest in family or the fight against Salem. She only visited to get information she could use to protect the tribe. Maybe there are other bird people? Maybe another Branwen sibling?
  • I've been wondering how RNJR will get out of this. Did Tyrian give Qrow a higher dosage than he was going to give Ruby? Did he have a cure? I've heard theories since last week about Jaune using a healing Semblance but all the build up to toss it away? No, I can't see it. RT will probably surprise us but I see one of two things happening. The bird person helps out or RNJR pulls together to save him. Ruby will flip out which works with her not dealing well at the prospect of losing someone else plot. The team also have be dealing with loss in general like the huntsman, village (s), and the volume 3 losses. This would be a win. If Jaune did do something it would be neat if it tied into his family camping and knowing how to cure things like this. Otherwise I can't think of anyone else who has a potential previous mentioned link.

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