Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The New Scarlet Spider Comic

I need to vent a little because I'm not so pleased about this.

I'm not into Marvel superhero comics because they burned a lot of bridges with me. Since I decided to drop them the only characters I supported were Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker along with her world) and Scarlet Spider/Kaine Parker. Marvel has since destroyed the concept of Spider-Girl and couldn't even bother to research the series. Which by the way was the longest running female solo series Marvel had. The creators of said series weren't pleased and kind of ran with the inconsistencies hinting that it wasn't their May. Meanwhile Marvel uses another kid in their new marriage Spider-Man series further ignoring a character that already has a loyal fan base. 

Spider-Girl and the Kaine Parker SS series both have Ben Reilly as an important legacy.

In Spider-Girl we had:
  • May wearing her "uncle's" (she doesn't know he was a clone) Spider-Man costume.
  • Felicity Hardy briefly wore Ben's SS costume when she tried to take over the ID.
  • Ben had a son.
  • Peter gets upset when clones come up.
There's more but you get the idea. Kaine has used the ID to try to be a better person and had one of the best spider series I've ever read. Ben Reilly was a character I cared about but I haven't liked what Marvel has done. Now Kaine and all his development seems to be conveniently pushed side for this.

Even if I ignore all the B.S. with Ben coming back from dust to become the Jackel this pisses me off. I wanted focus on Kaine and loved him as the Scarlet Spider ! This design isn't working for me either. I can't tell if it's the look in general or how it's drawn here. That mask smile is throwing me off.


  1. The back issues are out there. Is it too much to ask that new writers and editors actually do their research?

  2. Apparently because I've seen this problem across the board.

  3. The leading theory is that is not Ben but Spidercide thinking he is Ben. In any case, this is kind of a Monkey's paw deal. People has wanted Ben for years and when it finally happens, is like this.

  4. I was thinking the same thing. I always loved Ben but I was okay with it as long as he wasn't forgotten. He wasn't in Spider-Girl.

    Peter rarely mentioned Ben in regular canon despite seeing him as a brother then Kaine became the Scarlet Spider. I just don't see a reason for any of this. Spidercide isn't really a step up. :(