Sunday, January 8, 2017

Meme answers about Jason Todd

As requested. ;)

Give me a character and I will answer:

  • Why I like them
  • Why I don’t
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)
  • Favorite season/movie
  • Favorite line
  • Favorite outfit
  • OTP
  • Brotp
  • Head Canon
  • Unpopular opinion
  • A wish
  • An oh-god-please-don't-ever-happen
  • 5 words to best describe them
  • My nickname for them

Why I like them- There are a lot of reasons I adore this character. Out of all the bat kids I do think Jason is the underdog that many overlook. He's been through so much yet he still has this caring nature. Which is a big factor for most of the things he does good or bad. I've written more in other entries but I could talk about this for awhile.

Why I don't- I mainly don't like the badly written portrayals. When he's in character I don't like when he's really depressed/angry and he make poor choices. I'm not sure how to phrase this but it's not just how he treats others when this happens but it's how Jason is destroying himself too. I'm more mad when others don't notice or don't actually help him but it is hard to read.

Favorite episode (scene if movie)- My favorite issue might surprise some but it's the second RHATO VOL. 1 Annual. A lot of the issue is the the most fun, upbeat Red Hood comic you'll ever read as kid versions of the Outlaws take on Santa.

My favorite scene is a tie between Jason's memory in RHATO #3 Vol. 1 and the hug after Jason wakes up in RHATO #18. The first because that's the heart of Jason Todd, a kid that just wants to have a family and the absence of that hurts him. The second because it seemed impossible when Jason returned, any forgiveness feels like a miracle.

Favorite Line- I have many for Jason but my favorite line to him comes from Ducra: "One day your heart will shine brighter than the dark fury inside you. And that day will be glorious."

That is such a beautiful hopeful line that says so much about who Jason is and the faith Ducra has in him. We've had years of stories with characters being used as mouth pieces to tell us bias views of who Jason was supposed to be. Characters still treat him badly and think he's bad but this line gave me hope that things could change. Tragedy defines Batman and yes DITF will always be part of Jason. The difference is in how the characters deal with it. Bruce just accepts Batman while Jason is trying to deal with his past.

Favorite Outfit- Either the new 52 one or Rebirth followed by DCYOU/UTH. I don't care for any other Red Hood costume. I appreciate Jason dressing practical and semi-causal. That designs provide a great insight into his personality too. Showing how he differs from the other Robins as he stands out the most as he seems more like an individual.

OTP- Jason doesn't currently have one. I wanted to see where the thing with Isabel went. I kind of want him to get with Gabby despite them having little interaction. I'd love for him to have a long term relationship with a normal woman. I guess I might be okay (maybe) with Essence but not while he was training with the All Caste. He'll always be too young for her but that's FAR too young.

Brotp- With Roy then Tim would be the runner up. Too early to say with his new teammates. I like Roy being friends with Dick but there's a difference. First Wally was always Dick's best friend. Roy and him were close but they also had issues. The same kind of issues Jason and Dick have. Roy brought Jason out of his shell and it was amazing.

Headcanon- Related to canon since he could see Essence when no one else could and saw ghost Ducra. There are other things I've mentioned in his abilities entry. Jason's senses are different since he returned. He can see things others can't, his body can do things better and he has a better awareness in general. Not the glowing chest B.S., these changes aren't like Damian gaining super strength. Their mostly things you'd miss if you unless you were really paying attention.

Jason doesn't want anyone to know so he doesn't say anything to anyone. (He pointedly avoids this in canon which led to Roy briefly believing he was talking to himself.) Anyway Jason feels like a freak which would be worse if anyone in the family knew. It's not a constant thing--seeing things beyond normal human sight--but it's almost got him in trouble more than once.

Unpopular Opinion- I have a lot but I'll stick to one and say he's currently the best written bat kid.

A wish- For something I can't write about now but probably will later this week. For now I'll say for Jason to be written well in every book he's in.

Oh-God-please-don't-ever-happen- I have a lot of these although all of them boil down to not wanting bad out of character writing. I don't want him to be useless, stupid, evil, and a number of things.

5 words to best describe them- Anti-hero needs friends and family?

My nickname for them- I adore in series nicknames for him. Jaybird was a fan name that became canon with Roy and I love how it came about. It was Roy finding out Jason's name and wanting to see him as his own person not another Robin. Little Wing was what Dick called Jason in Nightwing Year One but it's not in current comics.


  1. Oh my. The line from Ducra is my favourite too.

    Headcanon: I have a similar idea. Though mine goes into the direction of Jason being able to see/interact with spirits so he could one hand get harmed by spirits from men that he killed but on the hand get protected by good spirits. Jason already forayed into space sci-fi, let him dabble in the supernatural for a bit. :)
    My other headcanon is that if Jason retires from crime-fighting one day, he will return to the All Caste mountains. Though I like the idea of Jason taking on Alfred's role, taking care of old Bruce too.

    With RHATO#6 to conclude the first arc, I think it's not so unpopular to think Jason is the best written bat-kid now. What a time!

  2. I've always liked to think Jason partly settles down making him different from the others that are too obsessed with their work.

    To some it's very unpopular just based on the character.