Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Justice League Dark #1


The Who: Heroes in the world of magic fight against the mad Enchantress. Seer Madame Xanadu, reality shaper Shade the Changing Man, John Constantine, Zatanna, and Deadman all start to realize their needed.

Why I chose this title: It seemed like a lot of fun with random happenings and a world most superheroes can't fight against. Loved most of the character designs and the art is lovely.

What I expect from the book: To get me into the crazy world of magic and see why their needed. I have no real experience with most of these characters so I'm pretty open minded to whatever happens in this title.

Thoughts: While I enjoy the writing one has to question the Justice Leagues' thinking. They send three members (Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg) to fight against a powerful witch they suspect of being mad? Kinda surprised they never formed a magic group within the JL before. The story really sets the mood well with very strange happenings that leave you wondering what will happen next. While it doesn't get into the magic heroes too much in this book what you do learn gives insight on who they are and what they can do.

Madame Xanadu can see the future and acts as the narrator. She takes drugs to stop herself from constantly seeing visions. Shade is lonely enough to use his powers to create a lover. I think that's the first time saw this idea being used without it coming off as creepy. It more sad than anything else. Constantine uses his powers for personal gain. Zatanna decides to heroically fight against overwhelming odds. While Deadman doesn't do much of anything he's still staying with his love Dawn Granger (Dove.) Like Shade later says most of them are seen as a danger or damaged goods. It makes you wonder how their all going to interact once their team forms.

While reading I didn't know who June Moone was but I figured the name was supposed to be important. I had to Wikipedia it but it turns out she is actually the Enchantress. But she seems to be split from the more insane version of herself. That's a neat twist. 

Verdict: I enjoyed this a lot and look forward to the next issue. Really not too much to say but it was a blast regardless. Given the fact that I barely know anything about most of the characters that's pretty impressive. (Funny that I like two of the three JL titles but I have no interest in the main book.) One of my three titles staying on the "plan to buy for the long run" list. Yes there are other titles I'm keeping at present that are fine but I still need a better idea of what to expect. With Justice League Dark I might not know what's going to happen but that's part of the fun.


  1. This sounds like a ton of fun from everything I have heard. I am glad you enjoyed. I do think it is funny you have no interest in the main JL title, but the other two you do.
    I really can't wait to read this. My brother has this one covered. He loves all thinks magic.

  2. This was surprisingly good, and the art is beautiful.

  3. Jimmy: It's because I love the JLI characters, I'm not interested in any of the JLA cast. With JLD? I love the concept of magic characters banding together to do something no one else can against impossible odds.

    Sally: Wasn't it? I'm even growing fonder of Zatannas' new look.

  4. I figured that was it from reading you the last couple of months. And I completely understand it. I read the characters that I love so I understand.

    And I will say I am very excited to read this one.

  5. True although I love finding new books and characters to follow.

    Hope you enjoy it as well!