Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This is the second time this happened!

I know that we comic readers are excited when new books come out but things should have warnings on them. Hey I had some trouble with cut tags before I figured out the new format for blogs but I tried to keep the big things under wraps or wait to post certain things. Posting images from a comic the day before it's released with bold text telling what happened isn't cool. I've been waiting for this book for awhile and while yes, it was a shocking reveal I'm more ticked off that it was spoiled before I got a chance to read it! The same thing happened to me back in Booster Gold #30, someone had to reveal the plot twist regarding future Booster and it completely ruined the surprise.

I read the spoilers for Superboy beforehand because I didn't think I was going to get it. That's one is on me but I'm going to be paying money on these comics and in most cases I want to be surprised so I can experience it in full. I'll be writing on what this spoiler was in my upcoming review but this seriously irks me. It's like if someone ran up to a movie goer in line for Star Wars The Empire Strike Back and said, "Luke's dad is Darth Vader!" Of course in that scenerio you would at least get to give that person a piece of your mind in person.


  1. That does suck. I am sorry my internet friend. I picked up blue beetle today not expecting to, and Nightwing. I will let you know about Nightwing. I hope your comic reading has gone well today...

  2. Let's just it didn't go as smoothly as the other two weeks (yes, counting the two books I missed out on.) Look forward to hearing about Nightwing.