Monday, September 5, 2011

JLI #1 Preview

It certainly raises a lot of questions, doesn't it?
SPOILERS below as I give my two cents about the content.

Okay, so according to Dan Jurgens in the Gold Exchange interviews Booster remembers his Time Master duties. He didn't show what happened to Rip, Michelle, and the others because this gives him a chance to write in twists with the post-Flashpoint world. This could mean that Booster was the greatest hero you never heard of and is still playing that up.

Apparently the public is split on heroes, as some like the U.N. think they should be watched, others like the potential riot dislike the idea of superheroes answering to the governments of the world. Booster is chosen as a leader, at least according to the U.N. rep, because he's good with P.R. (Love that Jurgens still got that Green Lantern joke in.)

I don't mind the JLI logo but it doesn't look right on the meeting table like that. Guy, of course has problems with this, Vixen thinks their do alright--powerwise--as long as they have a GL. Guy has never taken well to the leadership roles in JLI (usually because he wants to be in charge) he's not thrilled with Booster being the leader. Guy, you are seriously giving Hal a run for the hero who's the biggest jerk to Booster award. For some reason I'm not as bothered, likely because Guys' been better in the past.

Although I'm not a fan of going backwards (and I'm assuming Jurgens isn't truly going to far back in terms of Booster) I love how Booster is quick to point out what products he hasn't put his name on. He doesn't particularly care that Guy doesn't trust in his abilities just that part of the insult. I think I like Lady Godvia already, she has good taste in men. ;)

I'm curious how much of JLGL is canon. It's hard to tell if the others were in the know about what happened. Guy doesn't seem affected to badly by his break up with Ice and working with her again. Tora is pretty supportive of Booster and gives advise on getting Guy back. I'd like to think that it has nothing to do with her and Guy but rather what she thinks it will take to get him to work with Booster. He knows Guy too and isn't willing to kiss up to him, repeatedly, to get him to stay.

BATMAN AND GUY TALKING ABOUT BOOSTER! I love so much about this. How Batman is sticking up for Booster, it warms the heart. I hope "I worked with him a couple of times" is just being flippant and not getting rid of the previous JLI. Otherwise it screws with how they all know each other, Ted Kord, and Max Lords' histories. Given the covers I think Guy will be back.

Oh yeah, and the mystery woman is in the crowd of protestors.


  1. Missed the mystery woman until I read your post. That one was obvious too. I need to do a better job looking when I am reading through these first issues.

    As far as the preview it actually gets me more excited to read this one. I didn't put it on the pull list originally but if this is as fun as I think it will be I will have it on there quickly. I love Guy so it will be fun watching him and Booster.

  2. I skimmed over it the first time I went over this too. I was more interested in everything else.

    Same here, although some site have been--in my opinion--overly critical of these pages I've enjoyed them. I'm fond of Guy and Boosters' interactions as well. Should be fun.

  3. Oh, this has so much potential. Obviously, Guy is going to be the hothead, and Booster still has that flamboyant reputation to deal with. a way I can understand why Guy is upset. He IS First in the Honor Guard, which is an insanely big deal...except that nobody but another Green Lantern would necessarily know that.

    At least he and Bats seem to be getting along. A little anyway. And I'm sure that Guy will come around, he wasn't there when Booster was leading them during the whole Generation Lost time.

  4. Yeah, I'm willing to cut Guy more slack for reasons I'll mention in the review. Like seeing Batman and him on semi-good terms.