Thursday, September 1, 2011

Predictions for Pull List

I wasn't interested enough to get the main Flashpoint series because I'm not a Barry Allen fan nor really into Flash in general. And I have no desire to pick up Justice League no matter who is doing the book. I'm just not into those characters enough. But there are some books I'm thinking about getting. Depending how how good they are we'll see how long I stick with them. I can be pretty ruthless with what I'm going to drop and I almost stopped getting Booster Gold when Giffin/DeMatteis were on.

Ironically it turned out that their last arc was the one I would decide whether I was staying or not. Not counting mini/max series, tpbs and back issues of the first BG run I believe it's the only series I have a complete run of. No matter how much I love a character there are some things I can't support. Usually it's a different writer that can't get the character voices right, or something that wanes my interest. That's one of the reasons even thinking about trying out 10 issues is a big thing for me.

So, what do I expect from these series at present?

Justice League International: With Jurgens I think it will be decent but I have to say I'm a bit surprise about all the things I see and hear coming from it. I think there be a few surprises, good interactions and fun. Not the JLI of old but entertaining nonetheless.

Animal Man: This deals with his family and elements of horror, a genre I don't really get into too much. I think it'll play up the drama with the Bakers but I'm not sure how the horror will be. Gory? Suspenseful? Will it be conveyed well in a comic? Not to say that visuals can't work but they can be overdone in movies. I always found them best in books when your imagination makes them worse.

Static Shock: I heard it reads like early Spider-Man, something I've been missing since Marvel canceled my favorite female lead book Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker.) I like Static and although I had misgivings of the direction I'm fairly positive about this one. If only they released the tv show on DVDs.

Demon Knights: Another genre I haven't explored much. This is the one that got me started with expanding my list. I really respected the man writing it that addressed the concerns of the female audience and remembered their trying to sell these books to new readers. it already has a good review but I'm trying not get too excited about it. Although I think the women will be kickass which is a huge plus.

Batwoman: Speaking of kickass women, Kate is my fave red headed bat (Jason wasn't a red head post-crisis Morrison.) Although one review said the writing isn't as good as it was when Rucka was writing it I think it will still be pretty cool. I like Kate because she's the only bat character that's actually a solider (although Cass and Damian are the closest.) Her supporting cast is wonderful, her origin was amazing and her arch enemy make you feel for her.

Blue Beetle: I'm not sure what to think at present. Is it all being redone? I'm not a fan of retelling origins (especially when you get rid of the Booster connection) was he still a Titan? I could get over him not being a member as long as his connections to Booster were still present (JLGL too.) Although it's been said that there are no plans for him interacting with BG. Just as long as they don't mess with the characters it should be good. Not expecting it to be a favorite but a good read.

Captain Atom: JLGL got me to like Nate even though this is the book I think I'm most likely to get bored with. It was recently stated that the reason he's not in JLI is because he's not wanted there. I hope it was the U.N. that decided that because I'd hate to think that his friends from JLGL, two of them that cheered him on, are too scared of him now. I'm going to try to stay with it for at least an arc but I don't have big hopes for this title.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: Jason Todd is my favorite bat character. Yes, some people haven't written him that well but I like what Lobdell has said in interviews. Starfire and Roy are a plus. Although I have a better idea what the writer has in mind than the rest of these I still have no idea how it will read against the ideas it brings to my mind. I think I'll like it.

Teen Titans: Scott Lobdell is writing this, as well as RHATO, and Superboy. I was fond of his writing when he was on X-Books particularly Gen X. I'm not a huge fan of the core four although they have their moments. But he has been so upbeat about his books that I had to give this a try. I think it will be fun but the problem might lie in these characters not being my favorites. We'll see if he can change that.

Justice League Dark: I enjoy the art and I'm willing to see if the world of magic will hold any appeal. The bar isn't too high on this one so let's see if it can exceed expectations.


  1. Sorry I asked the other day. I should have waited. I too am going to read JLD, maybe demon knights, and JLI. I have thought about blue beetle and animal man, but I just don't think it will be in the budget.

    I love the site by the way.

  2. No problem, I actually listed this because you asked. I like getting psyched up for this event and not thinking of the bad things that go along with it. I know, money is another reason I kept holding off on getting a bigger pull list before. I think I'll be dropping a few of these after the first arc so I'm willing to try them out. I'll be doing my reviews a little differently for these.

    Thanks! I haven't gotten it set up quite yet but I want it to be fun.

  3. Well your site is fun. If you haven't noticed I have comment a couple times through the day.

    I liked the thoughts behind your pulls. I will be looking forward to the reviews. It may get me picking up a couple of titles.

    I have some different things I will be reading as well. Thankfully my brother will be picking up some and we will switch back and forth.