Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Carter Family Tree

I've been thinking about doing a few of these for awhile. Although this isn't as complex as the Superman or Batman family trees (which I also considered doing) I figure it was a good place to start.

At the moment the Carters aren't quite as complex as you'd think. Although I should make a few notes about the choices I made. According to an interview Johns did as Booster Gold/Skeets Jon is a shortened version of the 25th century name Jonar, which means "he who tries and fails." Since it wasn't in the book I didn't put Jonar and Boosters' middle name has always simply been Jon. To the best of my knowledge the twins mother has never been named. So the question marks are the obvious answer for those who aren't given names like Boosters' future wife and Rips' real name.

Michelle was never given a middle name although CTIC had her listed as Michelle A. Carter on the checkmate list. This seems a little random, and since Booster has his fathers' name as his middle name I'd assume this was a family tradition of sorts. That Michelles' middle name is actually their mothers. (Or Rips' is Michael.) Rani isn't listed because it's unclear if she still exists and just what her relation would be to the family. I'd assume that Michelle would have adopted her but until things are cleared up I'm not going to put her in the family tree.


  1. You are very brave to try and start a Carter Family Tree. It would be nice if they actually gave us a bit more information.

  2. If I was really brave I'd do something more complex, seemed that the Wayne family tree is really confusing after Morrison added things.

    Yeah at this point I'd settle for the twins mothers' name.