Thursday, September 15, 2011

Superboy #1

SPOILERS and reason for adding this under the cut

The Who: Superboy, a genetic experiment created out of the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor.

Why I chose this title: Well I was going to get Batwoman and Demon Knights but I couldn't get to my LCS. Then when I unexpectedly got a chance to (long boring story there) neither was left. I saw a few issues of Superboy and thought about it. I liked the early version of the character well enough but grew bored of him later on. I never liked him enough to follow him regularly. But I heard mostly positive things about this book and I like Scott Lobdell as a writer. When I was just getting into comic he was writing a lot of the X-Men related books I was getting at the time. He's known for his character writing as some of his better known issues have been the "quiet" ones. Since I'm getting his other two titles (Red Hood and the Outlaws and Teen Titans) I figured I might as well try all three of his books.

What I expect from the book: Not too much as much as I like Lobdell I have no expectations for the character.

Thoughts: I think I would have liked this better if I didn't spoil myself by looking at scans and reading summaries. I didn't expect to get this book otherwise I would have steered cleared. This issue mostly deals with Superboy (he's not called anything else) experiencing the environment around him as someone who sees the world with new eyes. I don't think anyone ever explored this side of him before which is sort of strange. It seems like the most obvious step to take. Lobdell also tries out a few other things I don't recall anyone doing. One of them is how Superboys' powers can sense things around him which clues him into what I assume would be a shocking discovery if I hadn't spoiled myself. That actually pretty smart and a step in the right direction in making him something besides a mini Superman.

The project that's testing Superboy also taps into the suppressed memories of the donors to learn more about him. It's a good look at both Superman and Lex Luthor (who isn't named as the human donor since no one really knows that.) Is he smarter now because he can use Luthors' smarts? It raises some good questions. "Red" is a doctor that's trying to help Superboy although she isn't given a name many have already guess she's a Wildstorm character. I'll take their word for it as I haven't read Wildstorm. Rose Wilson is also here and she seems about the same as she was before. Minus the costume and adding an extra eye. Which I approve of. I never did like that she stabbed herself in the eye to earn daddys' approval.

The art was alright although the school scenes made everyone seem too skinny. I did like that everyone wore uniforms as that is the norm for most schools around me. I do like Superboy having less mass than he did since Johns wrote him. Superboy was never bulky to me.

Did you notice?: Lady Flashpoint shows up right near the end when "Red" is talking to the big bad outside. I'm also amused at the shorter, rounder minion in the project. He sticks out and that makes a nice detail.

Verdict: No complaints but I didn't love it. Might have helped if I didn't already know the details but then again I'm not a huge Superboy fan. I could easily drop it, whether I do or not might have to do with whether I get my other picks.


  1. Hope you can get the original comics I hear both are good. Interesting review that I didn't expect to be getting.

    Thanks to my job and a little extra per diem I picked up Grifter and Resurrection Man. Both I didn't expect to pick up. And Suicide Squad which I did expect to pick up. Grifter is a keeper, and I haven't read RM yet. I have already said my thoughts on SS.

    I am interested to see if you end up keeping Superboy.

  2. I might just get DK and trade wait for Batwoman. The amount some are asking for the Batwoman issue is ridiculous. I'm still on the fence on Superboy. It'd make a good replacement and Lobdell already said TT would be using some of the plot threads. It's not needed to read TT it just adds details. I just don't feel compelled to get it at the moment.

    Interesting about Grifter and RM. Those are a few of the titles I've seen conflicting reviews on.

  3. I must admit I loved RM. It or Swamp Thing have been my faves of the reboot. Grifter was a surprise like for me. I enjoyed the set up of the story and will be checking in during the short term unless Nightwing can bring it and knock it out. This is going to be a tough decision to see what makes the final cut.

    I am sorry about Batwoman. It surprises me as the shop I was in while traveling had it and so did my shop here in town. The art looks amazing.

  4. I should have offered, but if you want me to see if Batwoman is still there and send it to you I can try.

  5. Thanks but I consider this fate. That helps me trade wait and not add to my already long list. ;)

    Let me know what you think about Nightwing I'm a little curious but not getting it.

  6. I understand completely. Just thought I would if you said yes I would have read it before sending it off to you.

    I definitely will let you know about Nightwing. I am curious enough to try it. I think it will end up on the Daredevil list for me. I get DD with a gift card I got for my birthday a few months ago. Once that cash is gone so is that comic, but I could be wrong.