Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rips' only on panel kiss

Okay, technically he was kissed in the Silver Age but that was only on the cheek. I haven't gone through all his appearances yet but based on the summaries I've read I'm inclined to believe it's the only kiss he ever gets. Post-Crisis Bonnie actually had more romantic interests in this mini series and believe me when I say this is by far the nicest. (Seriously all the others over sexualize her to ridiculous lengths.) For some reason this goes south right afterward as Bonnie freaks out a little and the two mostly yell at each other throughout the rest of the mini. Oh and Rip makes faces as she snuggles up to her other love interests. I have yet to discover Rip having any other loves besides Bonnie.

Which is kinda funny because Booster hasn't kissed many women on panel either. More than Rip has, to my knowledge there's only been three. The first with a random date, the second with his actual love interest and one that may be out of canon. Carter men must not express their emotions much with their lovers. Still there was that one time it was implied that Rip and Jeff shared a bed in college...


  1. Man, Rip and Booster's love lives just stink.

  2. At least we know Booster ends up with someone. Last we heard about Rips' love life was that Bonnie got erased. I would have liked to at least seen someone flirting with him or hints of him dating.