Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reasons for Ted being retcon?

I heard someone suggest it was to give Jaime the sole role as Blue Beetle which doesn't make sense to me. His appearances on TV always made it clear that he wasn't the first. Smallville might not have had Ted as a BB but Dan was still mentioned (not a great mention but it was still there.) Brave and the Bold made a bigger deal out of this with Jaime finding out about Ted and Boosters' reaction to his death.

But then I remembered Didio mentioning Max not being evil so much as trying to do what was right for the world. So if Teds' time as BB is gone was that to help *ahem* boost Max up back to his shades of gray roots? Why did Booster mature if Ted never met him and died? Are we supposed to take this as an implication that Ted actually held him back from maturing earlier? That Rip proved to be enough of an influence to help him change? That the other heroes are now more jerky than Booster so he figured it was his time to show you don't have to be grim and gritty?

I'm not actually worried about this. If it does factor into the stories it won't happen for awhile anyway. I'm just curious.


  1. Getting rid of Ted really doesn't serve any purpose, other than to either confuse or enrage people. For example, it would be awfully easy to bring Ted BACK now. He doesn't even have to be Blue Beetle, just have him as the resident inventing genius.

    Heck, bring back Max too. But not evil Max, just good ol' slightly shady Max.

  2. It bothers me because he was already dead and just how did Jaime and Booster get developed if he wasn't a factor in either of their lives?

    I think that's what their doing. But really either way is fine with me because if JLI didn't happen then non-evil Max doesn't really matter that much. He doesn't even know these people.