Wednesday, September 14, 2011

They did WHAT to the Wall?

I haven't been able to go to my LCS and won't be able to for a while. I guess, it's unclear. Not sure if I should get all my stuff next week or get my weekly picks online. Anyway the Suicide Squad has been getting some attention since their odd redeisgn of Halrey Quinn. But what have they done to Waller?! Part of her appeal was how she looked and how badass she was. I don't believe this woman can get the job done.


  1. What the...? I haven't even read it yet, but I am quite perplexed. Is that stylish THIN woman supposed to be the stolid magnificence that is Amanda Waller? With her girth, her thick ankles and her incredible massivity?


  2. Apparently so and it's already created a bit of a stir online. To paraphrase the character, "you don't $@#% with the Wall!"

  3. I thought they were getting rid of the over sexualized women. I thought I read that. Am I wrong?

    Just read SS and out of everything read so far I think that would be the one I cut if only doing one read, but I will read a couple before deciding to cut it out.

  4. Oh for...! Well, I read it, and I wasn't impressed. In addition to making Amanda Waller look just like every OTHER woman in comics...they also got rid of Lawton's magnificent mustache. I loved that mustache!

    Then they turned Savant into a snivelling weasel, and put Harley in that...that travesty of a costume.

    That can't possibly be Amanda Waller. must just be a hologram or something, to conceal her awesomness.

  5. Jimmy: apparently that was just a rumor because Harleys' outfit certainly goes the other direction.

    I think it got the worst reviews of the new 52. Although the scene at scans daily did make me feel for Harley.

    Sally: Yeah, seems that facial hair makes men look too old (ex: Ollie) I heard about the Savant thing. It doesn't even make sense because he's like the worst guy to try to break because he can't keep track of time.

    Maybe one of her kids that is trying to move up in the world like mom?