Monday, September 12, 2011

Why don't people list Rip?

Whenever there are lists for who's the smartest human characters in DC Rip always seems to be forgotten or brought up only to be forgotten. I don't agree with some of the usual choices. When you're talking about intelligence immortals like Vandal Savage get listed just for experiencing things more? If Mr. Terrific is the undisputed number #3 then shouldn't the others have similar skill sets in science and experts of whatever field(s) they study? I know Bruce Wayne is smart but I don't rank that in the same terms, if I did Max Lord would rival him.

I could understand the normal DCU not knowing where to place an unknown like Rip but he's listed as the guy who invented time travel! Something very few people in DCU even understand or control. He's an inventor, knows countless customs/history, master chess player and was regularly invited into the lab of Brainy 5. A family friend that very likely acted as his teacher. That should at the VERY LEAST rank the top 5.


  1. Perhaps Rip is just too mysterious. You like him, I like him, but in the general run of things, nobody other than Booster(and maybe Batman) seems to know all that much about him.

    He's a cool character though.

  2. I mean more in terms of fans voting. I just don't get how Batman can rank number one of so many lists and the guy that invented time travel and has to be smart enough to escape the people trying to kill him--his entire life--barely gets a mention.

  3. It doesn't seem fair. Unfortunately, Rip is a fairly obscure character, and one that has only really come into the mainstream fairly recently, and through Booster. If you aren't a Booster fan, you probably don't know much about Rip.

    Can you imagine it? Not being a Booster fan?


  4. I know. *sigh*

    But it happens! I just saw a JLI review that called Booster annoying. That in it's self confused me. He may not have been at his most serious but how was he annoying?