Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Teen Titans #1


The Who: Tim Drake former Robin (the third one) now called Red Robin tries to help superpowered teens in a world that's turning against them. Kid Flash is a speedster that wants to make a name for himself but is a little too quick for his own good. Cassandra Sandmark is Wonder Girl and Superboy is project N.O.W.H.E.R.E.s' lab rat.

Why I chose this title: I was curious to see what was being done and I was already reading one of the writers' book.

What I expect from the book: A new take on the Titans and seeing how they bond. Nothing much besides fun. Like the characters but their not my favorites.

Thoughts: A good read but it felt so short. In all the issues of the relaunch I've read none of the dislike of metahumans/superheroes was as strong as it was here. Yeah people were jerks to the heroes trying to save them but this is the first time it's really made clear that this is a genuine fear that's building up. Not surprising since Lobdell already has experience writing about a world that hates & fears a group of people, he wrote for the X-Men books for years.

The first character we meet is Kid Flash who arrives to led his assistances whether it's wanted or not. I like the touches with the art showing that he's clearly wearing a homemade costume. As far as characterization goes he seems to be closer to his Impulse days (which is a good thing) than the Geoff Johns version of Kid Flash. Although he does retain the trait Johns added of being able to keep the knowledge of everything he reads. He's just to, well impulsive for his own good. He's knocked out leading people to think he ran away from something he caused.

Superboy doesn't show up until the last page but I don't really feel cheated since I read his book. It's sort of a treat because I first saw the big bad, Red and the others in the Superboy issue. 

Wonder Girl, Cassie that is, has always been a character I think I'm supposed to like but never got. I didn't read Young Justice so I apparently missed out on her most beloved version. I really disliked the Johns' Cassie who seems to be around just to pine for Superboy and later make awful leadership calls. This Cassie is fun but let's get the thief thing out of the way first. She is not a lock picking con artist. She stole an artifact to get her powers and a car to escape from people who were chasing her. I like that her powers seem to come from her wrist bands, it reminds me a lot of the Linda Carter changes (although I never actually saw that show just the clip.) Cassie is tough and a little funny interacting with Tim. So far I like her.

Tim is awesome in this book. I like the character well enough although he's my least favorite Robin. I heard that there was some dislike because he seems a little nerdy but come on, he started out as a fanboy. And really he's far more impressive than geeky in this issue. Tim doesn't have to be helping these superpowered teens, he doesn't have powers of his own but he does it because he knows it's right. He impresses the big bad with his hacking skills, blows up his penthouse and finds Cassie. I don't even consider myself a Tim fan and I was happy with his portrayal. 

Not too much happened but I look forward to seeing the rest of the arc.

Say What?: In interviews Lobdell has mentioned that Barry and Iris are Barts' grandparents although their not together in current canon. After Barts' stunt it's said that Flash (Barry since Wally disappeared) doesn't know who he is. Bart apparently showed up "months" ago.

Tim, Cassie, Bart and Connor never met before. 

Since N.O.W.H.E.R.E. tracked Tim down (and saw him without his mask) does that mean they know who he is?

A nice little jab at Lobdell being a former X-Men writer as the mansion that explodes is located in Westchester. The outside even looks like the mansion in the X-Men movies.

Cassie is 17 years old. Naturally one has to wonder how this makes Tim Drake. Lobdell has said that Tim is either 16 or 17 but doesn't think it matters right now. Since the writer of Nightwing says Dick Grayson is 21 all the bat kids seem to be closer in age. Jason was supposed to be two years older than Tim.

Did You Notice?: What is with the colorist making Barts' hair red? His hair is brown, WALLY has red hair.

On Tims' computer the following heroes are shown : Kid Flash (with a Bart Allen note) , Static Shock (seen without his costume using his powers), Beast Boy (in two different animal forms), Starfire (with question marks), a Bat creature, Raven, Miss Martian (knocked out in rubble), Solace (reports from India showing a figure in blinding light) new character Bunker (shown being arrested but reported that he escaped), and a mother trying to find her daughter. 

Lady Flashpoint is behind the cop when he comes to get Cassie.
For some reason Tim has a frame picture of Batman and himself (in his Robin costume from 52.) Not that it's out of character as he became Robin after fanboying Batman and Dick Grayson.

Verdict: I liked it well enough to keep getting it. Too early to tell if I'm sticking around for the long haul.


  1. The cover scared me off, so I skipped this.

  2. Well it's no Liefield. :P Not my cup of tea either but still enjoyable.

  3. Thought about getting this one for a little bit, but decided against it and went for Aquaman. Which I know I mentioned, but I loved it. Really dug the humor in it, some intentional and some not.

    I did get to read Superboy while in a bookstore the other day and thought it was alright, not great but not bad. Thought I might do the same with this one.

  4. I think I might stick with Superboy for awhile since I'm reading TT.

  5. That is completely reasonable. I really don't know what I am going to cut out. The #2's will have a lot to do with it.

  6. Yeah, I think I will cut Blue Beetle. I'm thinking about Static Shock too, while decent there are things I still don't get and lots of technobabble.