Friday, March 9, 2012

30 Day Comic Book Challenge: Day 2

Day 02 - Your favourite character.

Either Booster Gold or Jason Todd but I'm going to say Booster because they seriously dropped the ball with Jason between UTH and the relaunch. I love Booster for a lot of reasons. He's deeper than people give him credit for and cares so much. He's the underdog that has what it takes to be one of the top guns but for one reason or another never quite makes it. Booster comes from a poor upbringing with a dad that abandons the family and some pretty bad things happened. But that doesn't hold him back, it doesn't stop him from being a upbeat character.

There's too many reasons for me to list why I love Booster Gold. I just wish he was in more titles.


  1. Booster IS quite fabulous.

    My favorite character is Guy Gardner. Of course. He's gone from being a nice sweet unassuming gym teacher, to a brain-damaged thug, to a slightly less brain-damaged hero, to an anti-hero, to a hero who HAS his brains, but chooses to be a jerk sometimes, just because it's fun.

    What's not to like? And his behind of course, is quite quite fabulous.

  2. This is very hard for me. Recently asked what my top 5 was and had a hard time doing it. I have been reading batman since I was a kid and even when I didn't read a lot of comics I still kept up with him. With that being said, I LOVE Jack Knight as starman. I didn't read it the first go round, but have been reading it recently and am now up to issue 77 and I think it ends at 80 or 81. The fact he didn't want to follow in his dad's footsteps rings very true. Watching him near the end of the series has had me choked up a couple of times. I completely relate to him. Great Character.

  3. Sally: Guy is without a doubt my favorite GL. Well Booster has a fab rear too but their trying to hide it in darker pants.

    Jimmy: I only have two volumes of Starman. Jack was certainly different than other heroes. A lot of thought obviously went into his character and his development.

  4. Jimmy, Starman WAS quite fabulous.

  5. Spider-Man. He has a great costume (two actually, because the black costume is pretty awesome too), a nice set of powers that allow for lots of cool stuff, I liked his sense of humor and the fact he kept going even when bad stuff kept happening. He might get down for awhile but he inevitably pulls himself together.