Friday, March 9, 2012

Booster and Guy

I'm really fond of their interactions. I might be reading into this too much (I usually do) but I found this bit really endearing. After a fight with Lobo they seperate the two. Booster does his best to calm Guy down. Apparently he does this for hours as Guy ends up falling asleep in the forcefield.


  1. Heh. That really was funny. I loved the Giffen/DeMatteis era with Booster and Guy. They actually got along pretty well all things considered, certainly better than Guy got along with Ted. Ted never knew when to quit, and kept the joke going on waaaay too long. Booster was a bit less manic.

    Besides, the two of them have an awful lot in common. Football, rotten fathers, and being underestimated.

  2. That's why it kills me when people insist Ted was the serious/mature one. He wasn't. Booster might get annoyed with Guy but he didn't take things too far. He didn't embarrass Guy on his date or take things too personally. Ted would have shrugged at who Guy was in the past and why he was distracted. Booster was interested and made an effort to help.

    Too true. One of the things I wish they explore more is what Boosters' status was with his mom. Guy wasn't the (forgive the pun) golden child. Johns made it sound like Jon preferred Michelle because she wasn't naive like Booster. I suspect Mrs. Carter might have thought of Booster as their great hope at a better life after he made it big but what about before?

  3. Well, I know that Guy's mom was a piece of work, passive/aggressive, the whole nine yards,but I know much less about Booster's mom. Regardless, I'm sure that there was a LOT of pressure on him, after his Dad took off.

  4. Not much was shown of their relationship. There was pressure to give his family a better life. The most pressure his family gave him on panel was when Michelle tells him they need more money for their moms' operation. Since she already has two jobs she wants to know if her brother can do anything. Their mom pretends nothing is wrong with her and after she finds out the truth said she'd rather of died.