Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drop off point

I STILL haven't received my subscriptions so as I promised myself I'm going to have to drop some titles. Since I can't make it to the stores for the second and fourth weeks of the month those are the ones that have to go. I already dropped Justice League Dark because of the new writer but I'm tired of getting ordering books online because their never in the store. I know stores put comics on hold but only for a week. Which means I have to drop: Demon Knights, Teen Titans and Superboy. This makes me said because each of these books had something special.

Which means it's just JLI and RHATO for now. But this should help me save up a little for May which looks like a big month. My current but not final list:

Red Hood and the Outlaws
Teen Titans Annual (which is said to have A LOT of missing character)
Batman and Robin (Damian Count of Owls tie in)
Dark Knight (Tim Drake Court of Owls tie in by Winick)
Ravangers (I'm leaning towards not getting it but you never know)
Worlds' Finest (I'm curious how this will work and I'm fond of PJ and the old Huntress.)'

Granted some of these do fall on the 2nd and 4th weeks but I'll either wait or get them online. I just don't want that to become a monthly thing. I think I'll get Batman and Robin 10 as well for the all boy Robin reunion, which will be the first time all of them are together. I have a feeling it will sell out.


  1. Have you called DC yet to find out about your subscription? I so would.

  2. I tried to e-mail them but there was a glitch. I'm going to see what I can do.

  3. I already dropped Justice League Dark because of the new writer

    Really? Jeff Lemire's doing some excellent writing on Frankenstein, so much so that I'm tempted to pick up JL Dark because he's taking over. I've never been a fan of Peter Milligan which is why I didn't pick it up in the first place.

  4. Erin, I would call. I have found it much more reliable. I haven't been a fan of the email there. Just me. Good luck and I am sorry to hear about the delays.

  5. Justice League Dark has been good, as has Demon Knights, and Batman & Robin is fabulous. I don't know how you can stand not getting your books!

  6. Gary: I really enjoyed JLD much more than I thought I would. That being said I think it's too soon for a writer change up especially when the new writer is going to get rid of two characters to replace with new ones.

    Jimmy: I might, I'll let you know how that goes at some point.

    Sally: I can't. It annoys me so much. I have to go in to get my favorites but usually the others aren't there and it puts me in a bad mood. I just worry about whether the characters will be written right in 10 given the solicit