Tuesday, March 13, 2012

30 Day Comic Book Challenge: Day 6

Day 06 - Most annoying character.

Comic characters don't usually annoy me. Does Buffy count? She seriously annoyed me so much on tv because she kept complaining about the same things. Wanting to be normal and how hard things were. Meanwhile her former rival Cordelia not only overcame her own problems but became more selfless. Actually a lot of characters went through horrible things but it always seems to come back to how Buffy was all alone when she was ignoring her friends' help. Those problems were forgotten then popped right back throughout the seasons. I guess you could say that was more of a writer thing but various writers kept doing it until it became a character trait.


  1. Actually, there are a LOT of characters that I find annoying. Like Poochie.

    The Joker. Yes, he's Batmans Big Baddie, but please, give it a rest for a little bit already!

    Kari Limbo. Guy and Hal's old flame. I was glad...SO very glad, when they killed her. Man, was she a pain in my behind! And Terry Long. And the Second Doctor Polaris. And Captain Atom, and Magog, and I'm not particularly fond of Hawkman either.

    Wow, I was crankier than I thought!

  2. I love batman, but i must admit that they need to give the joker a rest. And the I don't think I can say that I find batman annoying, however, put him with catwoman and I hate both of them. One big Ugggghhhh for me.

  3. Sally: The Joker IS annoying because he keeps going bigger but no one is allowed to take him out?

    Jimmy: I like Batman with Catwoman but I guess it depends on the writer. I hate Batman when he's a bad father.

  4. Maybe it's because I mostly read the books about his sidekicks, but I really dislike Batman. He's always being a jerk to people, and either they don't call him on it, or they do, he brushes it off, and eventually everyone just moves on.

    Also, I'm sick of Norman Osborn being a big bad guy in the Marvel Universe. I was excited when they first brought him back, but now I wish he'd just stayed dead.