Monday, March 12, 2012

Solicits for #10

Justice League International #10: I like that it's a smaller cast for awhile. There was too many characters to focus on before and some of them weren't use as much as a result. Seemed that despite what happened Guy is sticking around, wondering what role Batwing will take.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #10: This looks like a lot of fun. I like how out of place Jason and Roy seem. And how even though Kori is completely covered up people still found something to complain about with her outfit. I'm happy to see we'll be getting more story with Essence. Even though she only appeared in a few panels in issue 1 I like her and can't wait for #7.

Green Lanterns: And people say that bondage is strictly a Wonder Woman and Robin thing.

Worlds' Finest #2: Did they change Power Girls' outfit AGAIN? The other one was a bit simple but it was growing on me. Not sure about this new one.

Batman and Robin #10: Argh, I hate the solicits some times because of how they word things. I'll give them "exiled" even though it makes it seem like Bruce told him to stay out of Gotham rather than Jason wanting to get out of there. But "egotistical"? Jason has serious self esteem issues to the point he was on a suicidal mission to learn if he even mattered to Bruce. (Seriously his death was an option.) He doesn't think anyone cares. This takes place after he helps Tim. If anyone on the cover has a ego problem it's Bruce who thinks Jason needs him to be a good person (WOF proves otherwise.) Gotta love how it looks like their all attacking Tim.


  1. I too am glad that Guy is sticking around. Seriously, I'd be happy if it was just he and Booster half of the time.

    And Hal was MADE for bondage!

  2. They do make a good team. GAII and Godiva have grown on me and I'm interested in Batwing.

    Having the ring does seem to make it occur more.