Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Black Lantern Ted Kord

Finally got this at a decent price. Not a bad figure but how does it hold up against Mattels' Ted Kord?

I really liked this figure until I compared it to the Mattel version, which IS the best Ted Kord figure. Then the little things stood out. BL Ted is too skinny, which makes sense since he's you know, dead. But getting taller? Yeah I know different companies but Ted is supposed to be short. It just doesn't feel like the right body type. While BL Ted has a hand for gripping he lacks his BB gun although he does have his ring. I love both figures head which really fit the character. I'm not a big zombie fan but I had to have this version of Ted.

It's sad to think the Dead Ted arc is out of canon as it had some great moments for Booster and Jaime. But let's face it, this was already ignored before the reboot.

Nice going DC Direct. Now bring on Rip Hunter, Goldstar, Black Beetle, Godiva, a new Booster and JLI figures.


  1. Those would all be wonderful figures to have!

  2. It seems they never make the lesser known characters into figures unless they have connections to big storylines.