Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Newest Robin

I like this uniform. I think this and Jason Todds' new Robin designs are my favorites of the Robin costumes. Their the best armored (Helenas' actually reminds me a little of Jasons') and speak to who the characters are. I always thought Dicks' uniform was far too dated and couldn't see other kids wearing it. Carrie Kelly had it and Steph basically had a female version of Tim Drakes' Robin suit. Tims' red design was okay but now I'm thinking the black undies were too much. Damians' is starting to feel too simple but the hood makes it work. I don't think the offically update Dicks' just gave a vague look at what it could look like.


  1. That is...not horrible. In fact, it's pretty nice.

  2. It's combat sensible and doesn't directly copy a previous male Robins' costume. That's win/win. I even like Karas' Supergirl costume.