Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Readers don't like character development?

Sometimes I really need a break from the fandom. I love character development and it always baffles me to hear fans berate it. I mean I like Jason Todd and UTH but I don't want every other story dealing with it or writers going really off the rails like Battle for the Cowl. I've seen this with Booster too! Fans that say he's not being written right because he's not like he was in the old JLI. Or writers being insulted for not doing it like "our version." I know change is scary but when it's in a positive direction what's the problem?


  1. Well...Booster is different, because the UNIVERSE is different! His history has been changed, but he's still recognizably Booster Gold.

    Some changes I like, some not so much...but I still enjoy the story-making process.

  2. I don't mean the DCnU in general since I heard these complaints before. But not all change is bad.