Tuesday, March 20, 2012

30 Day Comic Book Challenge: Day 13

Day 13 - A book you’ve read more than five times.

This would apply to most of my favorite series. I reread my favorite issues a lot after their released. I read vol. 2 of Booster Gold many times. The list goes on. It's one of the reasons I buy some trades of series I already have in floppies. I just keep reading them.


  1. Some of the walking dead I have read 5 times, but I don't know if I have anything else. I love some of the drama in it and anything that starts in the great commonwealth of kentucky can't be too bad can it?

  2. Green Lanterns of course. I periodically go back and read every single issue that I have...and that's a lot.

    I also like to read all of the Starman books, and JLI, and JSA, and Birds of Prey,and the GOOD version of Blue Beetle with Rogers and Giffen, and JLE, and JLA, and Jonah Hex...well let's just say that I reread my books all the time.