Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Justice League International #7


I think a lot of people underestimate Dan Jurgens, especially in terms of his writing. I heard that his stories are safe and boring. In some ways this issue reminded me of Boosters' first series. Sure vol. 1 was fun but it wasn't without it's dark moments. The down side of his ID being public came to bite Booster in his nicely toned rear as those close to him suffered including two innocent men who lost their lives. I expected injuries but this issue brought back those shocked feelings. I know we always rant against death in comics but this didn't make me mad. In a lot of ways this gave more of a sense of danger than the previous issues. Because characters we knew (that we thought were safe) died, innocents got hurt and heroes weren't immune to it.

I was kinda surprised that Godiva wasn't more hurt but General August in Irons is pretty untouchable. Although I almost expected to see her "injury" turn out to be burnt hair. Would that be like a limb for her? Vixen hasn't really done anything in this title and I haven't seen her written as well as she was on JLU by anyone in comics. I'm sorry to see her, Bea and Tora hurt so bad as all the women besides Godiva are effectively taken out. I didn't see Gavrils' death coming but I'm still not sure he's gone. Jurgens just did a scene with Gavril being affected by something on the ship last issue. But the most shocking was Briggs and assistants' death. I really got the feeling that there was more to the two of them and a lot more stories could have been forthcoming.

My favorite moments were the little touches because of how much emotion they had. Booster finding Tora and trying to call a strangely silent Gavril. Guy freaking out over Tora. GAII holding Gavril, Batman covering his body with his cape, and the chilling panel where he's put in a body bag. Batman carrying Godiva then Godiva giving her oxygen mask to Bea. Boosters' reactions to finding Esposito and Briggs then the exchange between Guy and him when he informs them of their deaths.

Even though Booster follows Batmans' lead a little I like how he decides to do his own research by asking Skeets to check out Gavrils' armor. Maybe that will be the connection to the ship? I hope Gavril isn't really gone because I really liked him. Booster and Guy both shined in this. Guy could have been a major jerk and blame Booster (he still might) but he didn't. His concern for Tora makes me hope that their relationship can be developed back in the relaunch. Not long ago he questioned Boosters' commitment as a leader because he missed one clean up duty but I think Booster showed how much he cared in this issue. He and Guy both did their share of saving lives and being in the thick of it.

I like that Batwing intro at the end. I know very little about the character but he could make a good team member. From what I hear Batman is giving Batwing the same kind of mentorship he's giving Booster.

I will say art-wise I had one big complaint--the energy creatures. When Booster first mentions them two of them are barely noticable in the backround. It was a little confusing. I can't take Lightweaver serious as a threat powerwise. I guess I keep seeing his powers as holograms plus Guy took his constructs out pretty fast. I can take his employers seriously though, because their actions were very threatening.

Say What?: I wonder how much of previous canon still applies because Ted had two comas, Guy had about two (I think), and now Bea is in a coma.

Did You Notice?: Bea appears to be burned. Ironic yes but it's happened before as Black Beetle appeared to fry her flesh when he killed her in the Blue and Gold arc.


  1. Arrgghh! Not Gavril! I LIKE Gavril! Heck, I like them all. But I'm hoping that you are right, and somehow, Gavril's little episode in the ship will work out. Maybe it's a copy or a clone?

  2. I really doubt Jurgens will do this but it reminds me of an old movie that Mystery Science Theater 3000 did. A man was killed but came back to life thanks to an alien lifeform. Although he was, umm, carrying the aliens' kids which allowed him to live. That would be weird.

  3. Well... it would certainly be different!

  4. Well now that I think about it that would be a more GL based plot. Still I'd take that over death.