Friday, August 3, 2012

Worlds' Finest #4

This issue and #0 will decide if I stick with this series for the long haul or not. Since the cut isn't working for me highlight the text to read.

It looks like Hakkou sank a lot of ships. Which means that any deaths are on Power Girls' shoulders since she decided to toss him into the water. I know she's been out of the game awhile but this feels kinda thoughtless on her part. Sure they pick up people but all those crew members? I can't see them saving all of them no matter what Huntress says. The lines are kind of stiff like the awkward bit with the Japanese captain trying to explain a nuclear reading.

Kara repeatedly complaining how gross something is? PG was always quirky and fun but this just seems...I don't know, kinda childish? Oh and she manages to cause another disaster by cracking open a oil tank. She burn it but I can totally see why this DCU hasn't warmed up to heroes.

Flashback time! Did you know Kara likes boys and is flirty? Because that and getting home are her favorite subjects. Flirty characters can be fun if written right. This just feels cliche. Did they try to get jobs or finance their money? These two are always out of money and taking things. The bit with them kicking ass? Loved that. Especially Helena taking the guys out before Kara can set the car down and wearing one of their hats while enjoying her ice cream. This is also the first confirmation on panel that Selena Kyle is still her mom.

The Navy gets pissed because of the destruction Huntress caused (to say nothing to the damage done outside that ship.) The ladies come off more than a little reckless basically winging it and endangering lives on a chance their dangerous plan might work. I know DC wants their heroes to have more flaws but there's a way to do that without making the leads constantly praying everything works out okay. Especially since these two have far more experience than the normal DC hero. Sure we can let Kara slide a little for her 5 year break but we're told Helena was born into this life. Yet the child of Batman isn't prepared or protected enough to take on a nuclear threat. She just suggests this plan because they don't have anything else. Isn't this the same "give him more power and hope he explodes" plan that gave them a giant Hakkou in the first place? The worst thing is that nothing gets explained since their nuclear man blows up.

Say What?: Does Huntress' reply about making the passengers fit like Tokyo subway cars come off kinda iffy to anyone else? She could have just said "ever been on a subway? If people can squeeze there they can fit anywhere."

So Helenas' explaination about Wayne genes might be B.S.? On the one hand it's nice to see a little of that superior bloodline crap go away. But do we really want to get into Helena being radioactive?

Did You Notice?: It looks like Tabitha Johnson got a shout out as her name is on one of the ships. I'm not sure who that is. Maybe it's one of the models' Perez uses?

Well I don't know how anyone can miss the boob window thanks to the nuke hitting her in the chest. Or Helenas' Batman shirt.

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