Friday, August 3, 2012

JLI #12 and Batwing #12

Short reviews. Highlight to read.



Basically this issue boils down to Lightweavers' brother attacking the JLI as they visit RRs' grave. He takes out everyone but Batman. They talk him out of it and decide that their keep JLI together without the U.N. backing it. Batwing and Batman don't want to stay on. I'm kind of surprised about Batwing leaving since he seemed affected by Maris' speech. I would have liked to see the JLI be the ones that stand up to the new Lightweaver instead of Batman. These guys seem to get knocked around far too much. I haven't been blown away by these last few issues, they feel a little rushed and well, mandated. OMAC still hasn't really had any personality besides hating the fact he's a monster. Jurgens also has loose ends that may never be resolved like Gavril being affected by something on the alien ship. It reminds me of how Boosters' life fell apart in BG. Vol 1 to make way for him on JLI. I'm all for Green and Gold BTW.
Say What?: Did Batman really think/say that someone went over to "the dark side?" That just seems a little weird to me.


It was fun even if I came in late. I think the twist with Lord Battles' powers were interesting. No real complaints about the JLI except Booster telling Guy to shut up. I can't see him saying that unless the two were already in a heated arugement. It took them awhile to work out the kinks in their relationship. Their not close enough for either to be comfortable with that. While Booster can be serious he's also trying to keep his cool around Guy. He's a little playful like his Green and Gold comment but they respect each other. Plus I don't think their at a stage where Guy would just shrug off being told to shut up in front of the JLI, Batman and Nightwing. Batwing seems like an interesting take on the superhero world. The relationship between David and his friend was touching.

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