Friday, August 3, 2012

4 of 10 Top Booster Gold stories

4. Geoff Johns run on Booster Gold

Booster Gold 1-1 million (but really it's only 12 issues.) Vol. 2. Yeah this is kind of cheating but it really feels likes one ongoing story. Booster once again tries to make it to the big league only to discover that he has to throw it all away for the greater good. This run uses a lot of threads from other stories to weave a fast paced, fun and some what tragic tale. 52 dealt a little with Boosters' anger and frustration with Ted Kords' death, this deals with his denial and bargaining stages of grief. (He's a time traveller so it makes sense if the stages are a little out of order.) We also meet Boosters' father, something that helps us understand why Booster's always the underdog.

Michelle returns, Booster gets some big heavy hitters added to his rogues gallery and while he doesn't know it Booster starts the Time Masters. It's a really touching story about his struggles with loss and being unable to shake the image of the class clown. This touches on some things brought up in my list as his selflessness doesn't go unnoticed. Because Batman always knew Booster was a hero and won't let him give up on himself. A plot that gets carried through to later storylines. But the best thing about this run is the twist that Rip Hunter is Boosters' son. It's proof of how far he's come from the reckless guy that wanted to make a few endorsements. Even if Booster is the greatest hero you'll never know everyone will know his son and the great things he does, even if it's under a different name.


  1. I really did like this run of stories. While I love the Guy one, the one with Skeets riding a horse still has to be one of my favorites.

  2. Johns credited the Skeets/horse thing as being Jurgens idea.