Monday, August 13, 2012

Unsolicited thoughts on upcoming comics

Semi-spoilers, I guess.

Green Lantern: A weird thought just occurred to me. The DCnU league hasn't let anyone new into their ranks except J'onn? Does that mean that John and Kyle were never on the league even as fill ins for Hal? Also, their just starting to realize that Hal is missing? Guess no body got hit in the head recently. ;P

Green Lantern Corps: On the upside Guys' still alive. But honestly his life has been in ruins before. One of the cool things about Guy is the fact he never gives up. Still if he needs a place to live he could crash at Boosters'. They could swap stories of life screwing them over.

Firestorm: I have no interest in the characters but it's nice to see Dan Jurgens back on a book. Not just as a writer but also as the artist.

Worlds' Finest #6: To sum up. Yeah. Although I doubt their realize everything about their relationship the family connections are the only thing I was interested in seeing explored after the zero issue. And yes, I'm going to call bull if Damian somehow defeats Helena.

Batgirl: ...Did they really spoil the Jokers' new look on this cover? Because I was fairly certain Capullo was trying to keep that a surprise. It doesn't look that great here.

Batman: I love the cover although I'd think he'd be more obsessed with Jason than Alfred. Nice to see most of the family. But what's the deal with the wind up teeth? Their on half of the bat covers.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: I already talked about this one so the only thing I have to mention here is that this title hasn't gone over to the Young Justice line like many assumed.

Teen Titans: Unlike the bat books the connection to DOTF isn't clear. Is this a lead in or the tie in? I can't imagine the TT entering the fight with the Joker. Not this early on.
Death in the Family tie ins: Batgirl and Catwoman have their tie ins this month. Red Hood and the Outlaws, Nightwing, Batman and Robin start next month. TT isn't clear but Tim is apparently missing.


  1. Heh. I do find it rather interesting that nobody has missed Hal yet, in the League. So naturally, they go and beat up the new guy.


    Yeah, Guy has been at rock bottom before, and managed to claw his way back up, but is it absolutely necessary to be messing with my boy?


  2. I know, I thought this league was supposed to be the more mature one.

    Do they even mention the fact there are other earth lanterns?

    Must be that hurt/comfort thing DC likes to do.