Friday, August 3, 2012

3 of 10 Top Booster Gold Stories

3. A different Blue and Gold team up

Booster Gold #26-27 Vol. 2 I think this is the best way to end Boosters' grief over Teds' death as he finally accepts it. (Yes, I know other writers ignored this story but that didn't really make sense to me.) This respects their friendship but it goes a little further than other stories. This two parter isn't just about letting go it's about respecting a legacy. What really shines is the growing bond between Booster and Jaime Reyes. It's really more of a brotherly bond than a mentorship. Jaime sees Booster in his grief and while he doesn't owe him anything Jaime shows maturity by seeking him out. While the Black Lantern Ted Kord mocks Jaime for "ruining" his name Jaime holds it together to be there for Booster. Because he understands that no matter how hard it is for him it's a million time worse for Booster to deal with an undead best friend.

Booster accepts Jaime as Blue Beetle and encourages him to be himself. It's a wonderful way to honor what came before and the start to the new Blue and Gold friendship. And before you ask, yes this outranks the Johns run. Long story there.

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