Friday, August 17, 2012

2 of 10 Top Booster Gold Stories

2. Booster starts on his new path

Basically just his parts in 52. This one was hard to decide because 52 is so epic. It's in the number two spot because I didn't feel we got enough of a spotlight on Booster, at least who he really was. For a lot of this he's pretending to be someone he's not. First the kind of shallow jerk most people think he is then under the guise of  a new hero, Supernova. We don't get to see and hear the real Booster until he confronts Mr. Mind. Regardless this is a must read for any Booster fan. It touches on a lot of pieces from his history while expanding his own story for his new role in DCU.

Booster deals with his frustration in finding his place in the world and seems to get worse in his sponsorship shilling. (Anyone else wince at the logos on the coffin?) On the way he learns he has to save his other friend, Skeets, and strikes up a partnership that will change his life with Rip Hunter. Daniel Carter is introduced and while he doesn't seem special at first he has his own moment of awesomeness that proves that this family will always have moments of glory while using football to save all of creation. (It makes more sense in context.)

Only by reading through it again can you fully understand and enjoy the little twists. The irony of Lex Luthor seeing Supernova as his new enemy and the perfect heir to Supermans' legacy. Or Clark Kent being Supernovas' biggest supporter (plus the what the hell look Supernova has when Clark jumps out to get an interview with him.) Yes, Superman canonly said that Booster acted like a professional hero even if he didn't know it. Supernova IS Booster, I mean rereading the story makes it easier to see that he obviously has the same reactions (only he plays it without humor.) His concern for a child, the smirk on Supernovas' face when Lex draws the Supeman symbol over the glass, it's all there. You got to love the irony of Booster Gold throwing everyone off just to act as a masked superhero. The pathos are still very strong, just read the fight he has with himself. All the things Supernova says? Ouch.

But in the end Booster overcomes his own fears about himself. There were great heroes in 52 but I think it's rather obvious who was the star player at the end of the day. In a series about lesser known heroes taking center stage after the big names step out is it any wonder the greatest is the one no one knew about?


  1. This really is a superb Booster story. I loved 52. But yes, when you go back and reread it, knowing who Supernova IS, then I agree, there is certainly a bit of pathos.

    Poor Booster!

  2. It's weird how many Booster stories read differently later on. There always seems to be a twist whether intended or not.